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Q: What does lemon brown mean when he say you don't give up the blues they give up you?
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Why did lemon brown give up the blues?

he dose not have the money to continue playing blues

Why did Lemon Brown give up on the blues?

he dose not have the money to continue playing blues

What is the climax in the treasure of lemon brown?

when the three thugs neighborhood herd lemon brown was talking about the Treasure.They asked to give the treasure

How did lemon brown once make a living?

give head

Why did Lemon Brown give his treasure to his son?

The reason that Lemon Brown gave his treasure to his son was because his son was going to war and he wanted his son to remember him.

Describe lemon brown give three facts about him?

Three facts about Lemon Brown include that he was most known for playing the harmonica and he could also sing. He was not a well known performer.

How can you prevent cut bananas and pears from turning brown?

Give them a good squirt of lemon juice.

Who is the antagonist in the treasure of lemon brown?

Gred Ridley. This is internal conflict so it is himself.

What do you give a lemon when you give it first aid?

Lemon aid

Where to get the pen for Charlie Brown on poptropica?

you go to linus and lucys house after or while you give linus a lemon flavored lollipop and its will be on the desk.

Does lemon or lime citrus fruit give you energy?


What is the summary on the treasure of sweet lemon brown?

one boy his name greg hi filed in the math grad ,so his father give him a lecture that greg can't play basketball again. one day when greg come back to home he met an homlees old man lemon brown in abondind buliding he came to him and help him from the thugs that want the treasure then lemon brown shoe greg the treasure a harmonica newspaper clippings

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