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Raise your right hand

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Q: What does levanten la mano derecha mean?
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What does levanten la mano means?

Levante la mano means "Raise your hand"

What does raise your right hand mean in spanish?

Levante la mano derecha. (You raise the right hand)

What are some direction words in spanish?

right = derecha left = izquierda in front of = al frente behind = detras north = norte south = sur east = este west = oeste to the right = a la derecha to the left = a la izquierda to the north/south/east/west = al norte/sur/este/oeste Like "turn right" = dobla a la derecha like "right hand" = la mano derecha

How do you say 'to the right' in Spanish?

Para la derecha.

What does estan a la derecha mean in spanish?

They're on the right.

How do you say Derecha in English?

The word Derecha can either mean Straight or Right. Sigue derecha (Keep going straight) Dobla a la derecha (Turn right) Notice the use of the word "la" to justify which meaning is being used.

What is the opposite of a la derecha de in spanish?

"a la izquierda de" is the opposite of "a la derecha de"

What does a la derecha mean in spanish?

In Spanish, it means "the left," as in the direction.

Derecha is spanish. what does it mean in English?

right. as in direction izquierda means left, also in directionright side (as in direction)-A la derecha = to the rightIt can also mean a legal "right".

What does BAJA la mano mean?

bajo mano = underhand bajo la mano = under (the) hand *Please, read carefully because it is "BAJA" (a verb), not "bajo" (a preposition).

To the right in spanish?

a la derecha

How do you say on the right in spanish?

a la derecha