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Q: What does loggerhead turtles eat?
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Does the loggerhead turtles attract eco-tourists?

no it does not eat you no it does not eat you

What kinds of animals eat loggerhead sea turtles?

sharks ,great white sharks and tiger sharks eat loggerhead.

Do Orca eat loggerhead sea turtles?

No, not normally. Usually, they eat seals and fish.

Do whales eat jellyfish?

.loggerhead turtles and sunfish eat jellyfish,whales eat jellyfish in their laval stage only.

What are loggerhead sea turtles enemies?

Large sharks have been known to eat loggerhead turtles. But humans are the biggest enemy. Because of development along coastal areas, the turtles habitat has been depleted and threatens its survival.

What would happen if loggerhead turtles became extinct?

There would be no more loggerhead turtles

How old do Loggerhead sea turtles get?

Loggerhead Sea turtles can get to about 50 to 165 years old!

What eats jellyfish besides loggerhead turtles?

Sunfish eat jellyfish.And whales eat jellyfish lava only.

Do sea turtles only eat plants?

Well, different sea turtles eat different things. Green Sea Turltes eat seagrass and algae. They eat fish when they get older. Hawksbill Sea Turtles eat squid and shrimp. Last, Loggerhead Sea Turtles eat crabs ,shrimp,and jellyfish.

How many teeth does a loggerhead turtle have?

Loggerhead turtles - as all turtles - don't have teeth. They have a beak instead.

Does anything eat a box jellyfish?

yes a box jellyfish can be eaten by a multitude of things such as turtles, spadefish, sunfish, and some loggerhead turtles.

Are loggerhead turtles secondary consumers?

Loggerhead turtles most likely are secondary as the sharks are the apex predators. Hope this helps :)

What is a leatherback and loggerhead types of?

Turtles... They are types of turtles.

What turtles are becoming extinced?

Leatherback and loggerhead turtles.

What animal eats a sea turtel?

Tiger sharks are know to eat loggerhead and green sea turtles.

Do loggerhead sea turtles eat jellyfishes?

The loggerhead sea turtle has a fascinating mastication cycle. Thus, cannot eat Jellyfish of any genus on any day apart from Tuesday. This sysle astounds scientists worldwide

What is the loggerhead turtles predator?

the loggerhead sea turtles predator is cory gardener believe it or not because he doesn't lowers climate change

What animals eat adult loggerhead sea turtles?

All types of sharks, specificlly Great White Sharks, eat loggerhead sea turtles. Tiger Sharks are also a predator of the loggerhead sea turtle. When loggerheads go above the surface of the water to get a breath of air, they take a long two minutes to replenish their oxygen supply. During this time, a shark(usually a tiger shark) will take advantage of the turtle and eat it then and there.

Is a loggerhead turtle a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

Since loggerhead turtles are mostly open ocean going creatures, they eat fish, larvae, jellies, etc., so mostly carnivore.

What is The group Name For Loggerhead Turtles?

the group name of a loggerhead turtle is a clutch

Want does loggerhead sea turtles eat?

They eat Horse shoe crabs, shrimp, clams, sea urchins, sponges, fishes, squids and octopuses

Are loggerhead turtles mammals?

Loggerheads, like all turtles, are reptiles

What biome does the loggerhead sea turtle live in?

Loggerhead turtles inhabit the marine biome.

Do turtles eat jellyfishes?

No, turtles do not eat jellyfish.Another answerIf you mean sea turtles, then yes species like the Loggerhead turtle and the Leatherback turtle do include jellyfish as part of their diet.

How do loggerhead turtles travel?

they swim