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The passengers

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Q: What does los pasajeros mean in English?
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What does los pasajeros son de Canada mean in English?

the passengers are from Canada

When was Los Pasajeros del jardín created?

Los Pasajeros del jardín was created in 1981.

What actors and actresses appeared in Los pasajeros - 1975?

The cast of Los pasajeros - 1975 includes: Manuel Ayuso as Obispo Luis Greco as Luis Paul Naschy as Paul Heinrich Starhemberg as Enrique Loreta Tovar as Isabel

What does los numeros mean in English?

what does numerous mean in English

What does los fotos mean in English?

los fotos = the photos

What does los Hernandos mean in English?

I believe you mean "los hemanos." That means "the brothers."

What is Aguada de Pasajeros's population?

Aguada de Pasajeros's population is 31,687.

What does los fines mean?

In English "los fines" means ends.

What does los colores mean?

"Los colores" means "colors" in English.

What does los sientos mean?

Los sientos in English means I feel them.

What does los noventas mean in English?

the 90s

What does los hispanos mean in english?

The Hispanics