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Love feels good. It's like you know someone so well you can read their thoughts, but you feel like they can feel yours better. My answer is my opinion, so you may feel different. : ^>

love is something found inside some one. not out. if you're walking down the street and you saw a good looking girl, or boy. that's not love. love is form by true and time. if you want to discuse this with me go to

that's my Yahoo e-mail address. I kind of have a love promblem so maybe I can help you and you can help me. please do me this favor.


(Talking from a girls point of view) Love. When you love someone, you get really warm and your heart beats really fast. When you lock gaze with that person and he smiles, your heart melts. At night you try to imagine him and make up scenarios and you can't sleep for a long time. The day you are going to see him you cant wait, then when you get there, he takes your breath away. You can't think. Love is

What if you like two boys but you don't know if either of them has a crush on you or if they don't and also if you don't know who you like better?

-Give it time, you will know. I'm speaking from experience, i thought i was in love but then i met someone else and i really liked them and i wasnt sure who it was that i loved but after a few months on being between it was so clear, the man i met is the one i fell in love with.

^Agreeing will all above comments i think when you love someone you lie awake all night wishing you were with them, and then when you see him its as if you go weak at the knees but then when they speak to you, you instantly know their mood, and when they touch you it sends like a wave though your whole body and your speachless for a few secconds. This is just how i feel though, like it says above everyone has a different experince when they are in love, some think that because of that they might just have a more sexual feeling of love but that is probably just lust.

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Q: What does love feel like?
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like you're in love.

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No, you will feel sick! Especially alot of chocolate! But if it is a chocolate you like, you might feel in love?

What does it feel like to have a penis in your butt?

Like love.

What is love anyway?

Love is like BIG! It is what you feel when you like some one a lot!

How does Romeo and Juliet feel in love?

I think you answered your own question: they feel like they're in love.

How do you say you love her with a girl you like?

when you feel the moment is right you just look at her and let her know how you feel, tell her why you love her and what you would like to do about it.

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Make her feel special.. you dont have to buy her anything just so that you are there for her and love her make her feel like she is a princess

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you are sick, that is what it feels like

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it feels kind of like jealousy and love mixed.

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if you like to be with that person and you feel specials things when you are in love

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Sure. I think everyone goes through a period that they don't feel like their parents understand them or love them.

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What does a hug feel like?

From someone you really like or love, it feels amazing! It makes you feel warm, soft and sweet! You'll feel a bit dazed if its from someone you're in love with. Enjoy it! <3

How would you love a girl?

I will make her feel like someone is there for her i will love her i will give her my key to my heart and i will love to make my soul reach her soul and communicate and feel happy i will respect her and i will love her .

Why do you feel like you have to try to get her love and that it it not just given but earned?

Unfortunately, from a girl's point of view, she might not love you back. If you feel like you have to earn her love, then it's not meant to be. Move on, go find someone who will love you back. You deserve it!

Is true love really like in movies and books?

True love does feel great like how you see in the movies and books BUT its your own love story so dont try to copy them. Just steal some ideas from them if you feel like your love life needs improving.

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u cant feel any more