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What does love you mean in french?

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Love You is English , and when you would say that it wouldn't make much sence to the french person considering it's English.

If you wanted to say I Love You in french you would say :" Je T'aime".

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english-i love grandpa- J'aime papy- french

it mean beauty and love in french

"... t'aime means "... love you" in French.

i love dresses mean j'aime les robes in french

Je'taime is French for "I Love You"

to like me, to love me.

Je t'aime beaucoup means "I like you a lot" in French. It can also mean "I love you a lot" - in French the verb aimercan mean either to like or to love.

ils aiment / elles aiment mean 'they like' or 'they love' in French.

Tu aime in french means, Love you.

In French j'adore means love

it means love ya in french

J'amie means "I Love You" in French.I'm part French by the way ;).

'aimer' means both 'to like' or 'to love' in French.

If you mean Fouquet then it's a family name

It is spelled Je t'aime and it means i love you in French Yes. Je t'aime means 'I love you' in French and j'aime means 'i love'.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. English: love French: l'amour

It means I love or I adore.

It is French for "my love" or "my sweetheart" or equivalent.

Je T'aime is French for "I love you."

the same thing that it does in English

that's French, for "my love"

search it up on google translate

It means 'love' in French.

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