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What does lugano mean in Swahili?


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It means Cheetah in Swahili!

In swahili,Imani mean's ''Faith''

The population of Lugano District is 2,105.

FC Lugano was created in 2004.

Charles Lugano was born in 1950.

Charles Lugano died in 2009.

Diego Lugano is 188 cm.

University of Lugano was created in 1996.

Brandon is not a Swahili name, but to make the name look Swahili it would be... Brandoni.

Simba means "lion" in Swahili.

Not a Swahili word. Looks West African.

This question is in the Swahili-to-English section, but the words are not Swahili.

Ngoy is not a Swahili word. If it were, it would be spelled ngoi.

The airport code for Lugano Airport is LUG.

The area of Lugano District is 331.8 square kilometers.

Diego Lugano plays as a Defender for Uruguay.

Villa Lugano FC was created in 1941.

Diego Lugano was born on 1980-11-02.

Lugano railway station was created in 1882.

Diego Lugano goes by La Tota.

Melano is a small town in the Lugano district of Switzerland.

This is not a Swahili word. It may be a word or name from West Africa.

Xzavier.it's a name Xavier can be pronounced as Zeivya or Ekseivya in Swahili.

This has the appearance of a word or name in an African language, but it has no meaning in Swahili.

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