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What does m equal in y equals mx plus b?


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m = the slope of the line. rise/run. Y2 - Y1/X2 - X1


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If y = mx + b, then x = (y-b)/m (for m not equal to zero).

Just subtract y from both sides. 'm' becomes 'A', 'b' becomes 'C' and 'B' will be equal to one.

In the equation y = mx+b, b is the y-axis intercept.

y=mx+b mx+b=y (mx means multipy.) Hope this helps! -natali4everca

In the equation y = mx + b, x is the independent variable.Also, m is the slope, b is the y-intercept, and y is the dependent variable.

There is no difference; it is a matter of choice and convention as to what letter is used.

b is the intercept through the y axis

b stands for the y-intercept

the answer is: (y-b)/x = m y = mx + b y - b = mx (y-b)/x = m

sometimes it's called the "y-intercept" because when the graph is drawn, the line intersects the y-axis at b.

That is slope-intercept form of a line.

m = slope of the line. b = the Y intercept.

If you mean: mx+b = y then it is the formula of a straight line whereas m is the slope and b is the y intercept

The y intercept is at co-ordinates (0,b).

The slope and y intercept which are m and b respectively.

The x in y=mx+b is the independent variable. You could solve for x, making this a function of y, with simple algebra. y = mx + b y - b = mx (y-b)/m = x

The equation for the line is y = mx +b the slope is the value of m For example if y = 3x +4 the that is the equation that completely defines the line; its slope is 3

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