What does ma mean in mandarin?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It means/is a yes or no question or an article.

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Q: What does ma mean in mandarin?
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What do you mean by zhen de ma in mandarin?

"Zhen de ma" in Mandarin means "really?" or "is it true?" It is commonly used to express surprise, disbelief, or to seek confirmation.

What does 'ni gan ma' in Mandarin mean?

"Ni gan ma" in Mandarin means "How are you?", or more literally, "You okay?" It is a common greeting used in everyday conversations.

How do you write how are you in mandarin?

"How are you?" in Mandarin is written as "你好吗?" (nǐ hǎo ma?).

What does the Mandarin phrase ni zai ganma ne mean?

The Mandarin phrase "ni zai ganma ne" translates to "What are you doing?" in English.

How do you write mom in Chinese?

Both 妈妈 (ma ma) and 母亲 (mu qin) mean mom in Mandarin. 妈妈 (ma ma) is less formal than 母亲 (mu qin).

Do you miss me in mandarin?

In Mandarin, you can say "你想我吗?" (nǐ xiǎng wǒ ma?) which translates to "Do you miss me?"

How are you - in mandarin?

How are you = nǐ hǎo ma

What does ni guo hao ma mean?

"Ni guo hao ma" means "How are you?" in Mandarin Chinese. It's a common greeting used to ask someone about their well-being.

Which nationality would greet you with the words ni hao ma?

The expression is Mandarin for "How are you?" so it would be a Chinese person.

How do you say in Chinese how are you doing?

In simplified mandarin : Pronounced nǐ hǎo ma?

How do you say horse in chinese?

马/馬 Mandarin: Ma Cantonese: Maa

How do you say do you speak in mandarin in Chinese?

In Mandarin Chinese, "do you speak" is translated as "你会说吗?(Nǐ huì shuō ma?)"