What does man mean in German?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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"Man" is sorta of hard to explain.

Man is used in sentence structure when referring to you.

For example: Man soll gesund essen.

(One/you should eat healthy.)

You wouldn't use words like "du" or "Sie", unless you are comanding the person to do so.

Hope that helps.

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Die Menschen = people

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Q: What does man mean in German?
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What does Lieberman mean in German?

nice man kind man

What does fritz mean in German?

Fritz is a German name for a man, the same as Gary is for a man in the English language

What does schweiger mean in German?

"Man of few words."

What does Zwillinge-Mann mean in German?


What does the name carol mean and Charles?

The meanings are the same. Carol (Old German) is "free man". Charles (Old German) is "free man".

How does the law in German says if a man have a baby with German lady while the man is not a German?

You question is confusing, noit really clear what you mean. A baby is a baby, no matter if the father is a German or not, and the mother is a German or not. He is the father, and she is the mother. No matter what nationality. :)

What does the last name Frank mean?

German,male name meaning 'A free man'.

What does the name carletta mean?

The name Carletta means "free man" in the Old German language.

What does bloodman mean in German?

Its actually spelled bloedmann and it actually translates to to "stupid man" or idiot

Is the surname Gensman German or Danish?

None of the two. It is not typical at all and it doesn't mean anything in German, although it might originate from it. The ending -man (-mann) is very German. Gensman? Dutch?

What does Main Mann mean in English?

There is no such expression in German.Main is the name of a German river.Mann translates as man, husband

What is the German word for 'man'?

That's an easy German translation for a change. The English word "the man" is "der Mann" in German.