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might be a dirty fuel filter

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Q: What does mean when you have loss of power while driving?
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What does motion lotion mean?

it can mean masterbating with lotion while driving

Can you read a nook while driving on the highway?

If you mean Book... Then it is inadvisable to read while driving, under any circumstances.

What does DWI mean in words?

driving while intoxicated.

What does dwt mean?

DWT means driving while texting.

What does power loss in electrical transmission mean?

The term, 'power loss', describes the rate of energy losses caused by the load current in the transmission lines

Is smelling gas while driving dangerous?

Smelling gas while driving could mean that your gas tank is leaking. You should definitely get it checked out.

Why does your 97 Olds Cutlass decelerate while driving?

What do you mean? Decelerate how? When?

Why does your car turn off while you are driving?

If the car turns off while driving, it can be a sign of a bad ground. It can also mean a fuel system problem.

Why does your car lose RPM when driving?

If you mean why the difference in RPMs between idling and driving, the difference is due to the engine load; At idle, the engine isn't really doing much other than staying running, but under load (driving) the engine has to put its power out to the drivetrain, hence the symptomatic loss of engine speed (RPMs).

What are the effects of drunk driving?

The consequences could be a suspension or total loss of your license, depending on the outcome of this experience could mean jail, and the loss of your job is at risk as well.

What will make a 1986 Volvo 240 DL lose power if not the battery and alternator?

What would help would be an articulate question. Does "lose power" mean a loss of voltage/current, or a loss of engine power (horsepower/torque)?

What would cause a 92 Honda prelude to act like it is wanting to cut off while driving?

If you mean 'cut off' as in the car dies while driving its probably your alternator.

What does driving while barred mean?

Normally, it means someone who is operating a motor vehicle while having had their licence suspended.

What does it mean if check power light comes on and loss of power.?

The check power light on a vehicle is a warning indicator. A common cause of this is a improperly charged battery.

What does Perte de courant dans couple de prisest mean?

loss of power in the socket

What does it mean when your car jumps while you're driving?

Not sure what you mean by "jumps". Maybe you need new struts or shocks.

What does it mean when you dream you have a black tooth?

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What are the modern mean of communications?

What I see mostly while driving are cell phones and middle fingers.

How do you reset the tire pressure button?

If you mean the light it should reset itself while driving

What causes a continuos thumping noise and floor shaking while driving not while idle for a 2000 Honda Accord?

A continuous thumping noise and floor shaking while driving on a 2000 Honda Accord could mean a loose exhaust system. It could also mean a bent frame or a broken spring.

What does confederate mean?

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What does it mean when a loud bang comes from the muffler while you are driving?

it means that your timing belt needs to be changed.

In a 2000 catera If the timing belt breaks while driving will this mean the valves are automaticly bent?


What does it mean when a car loses power?

A power loss can be from a dead or almost-dead battery. If the car loses power on a hill, it might be a fuel injector or fuel pump, if I'm not mistaken.

What does it mean when oil pressure goes up and down when driving?

my oil pressure goes up while I'm driving and back down when I stop what could cause that