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months of the year and stations

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Q: What does meses del ano y estaciones in spanish mean in English?
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What does estaciones mean in spanish?

estaciones is a spanish word that means stations in english.

What does Dos meses en dos estaciones son mean?

Messes in the two stations are("Dos meses en dos estaciones son" is Galician.)

What does the spanish term Escribe cuatro estaciones mean in English?

write four stations

What does meses mean in English?

The Spanish word messes translates into English as months. In Latin this word translates as mensibus and in Italian is mesi.

What does etsaciones mean in spanish?

Estaciones = Seasons (of the year).

What does mes mean is spanish?

"Mesa" means "table" in Spanish. Feminine noun.

What does los meses mean in spanish?

The Months

What does 12 meses mean in spanish?

12 months

What does para tres meses mean?

its spanish for "for three months"

What does estaciones de metro mean in English?

Subway or bus stations.

What does Qué meses tiene el otoño mean in English?

Qué meses tiene el otoño? : What months is it autumn/fall?

What does cuáles son las estaciones en Argentina mean in English?

It means: what are the seasons in Argentina.