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Methane is a hydrocarbon. It contain carbon and hydrogen only. Molecular formula is CH4

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Is silicon in methane?

No. Methane contains only carbon and hydrogen.

What atom is in methane?

Methane contains atoms of hydrogen and carbon.

Is methane covalently bonded?

Yes, methane contains covalent bonds.

Does uranus give off Methane Gas?

No. Uranus contains methane in its atmosphere, but it does not give off methane.

What compound contains carbon and hydrogen?

Methane. A methane molecule contains one Carbon atom and four Hydrogen atoms.

Number of carbon atoms in methane?

Methane contains one carbon atom in its molecule.

Is methane a diatomic molecule?

No. A diatomic molecule contains two atoms. A molecule of methane contains one atom of carbon and four of hydrogen for a total of five.


LPG contains propane and butane LNG contains methane

Is methane an organic compound?

yes, methane is an organic compound, because it contains at least one carbon and hydrogen.

How many elements are in methane?

In one atom of methane, it contains one Chlorine element and four Hydrogen element.

Does methane have carbon?

Yes. Evey molecule of methane contains one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms.

What two elements make up the compound methane?

Methane (CH4) contains Carbon (C) and Hydrogen (H)

How many different elements are in a methane molecule?

the chemical formula of methane is CH4. one molecule of methane contains one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms.

Is flatulence lighter than air?

Flatulence contains a portion of methane gas, and the methane portion is lighter than air.

Do natural gas contains methane?

Natural gas is methane (CH4) with some impurities (nitrogen, water, dust, etc.).

Is methane a carbon?

Methane has the molecular structure of CH4, it contains a carbon atom, thus it is a carbon compound. But it is not itself considered carbon.

What planet has methane gas that gives this planet greenish tint?

Uranus contains Methane in its atmosphere which gives it a aquamarine or cyan colour.

Is methane organic?

yes It contains only C and H.It is an alkane

How does farting affect the environment?

yes it does affect the environment as it contains methane

Why is methane organic?

It contains carbon. That's the definition of organic in chemistry.

Can a fart blow up?

Yes, because it contains methane. :D

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