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The correct sentence is:

Mi amor, quiero una foto tuya.


My love, I want a picture of yours.

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Q: What does mi amor quiero una foto tulla mean in spanish?
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What does madame una fota tulla mean in English?

mi regalas una foto tulla

How do you say i want a picture of you in spanish?

Quiero una foto de ti.(informal) Quiero una foto de usted (formal)

What does olle you regalas una foto tulla mean?

'Oye, me regalas una foto tuya'. Hey, would you give me your photo/picture?

Translate love this photo into spanish?

me encanta esta foto OR me gusta mucho esta foto

How do you say i drew this picture in Spanish?

yo colorie esta foto yo pinte esta foto

How do you say beautiful photo in Spanish?

hermosa foto

How do you say cute pic in spanish?

linda foto

Es una foto as a question in spanish?

Is that a picture?

What is the word for image in spanish?

Foto, imagen, cuadro, dibujo

Who do you say I like your picture in Spanish?

Me gusta tu foto.

What does es esta su foto mean in spanish?

Is this your photo?

How you write in spanish do you see my picture?

"ves mi foto?"