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A "miscible liquid" means it is a liquid capable of being mixed .

Capable of being mixed in all proportions without separation.

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What does it mean when two substances are miscible?

what determines if two substances are miscible or not

Is evaporated milk missible?

If you mean miscible, then the answer is yes. It is miscible with many other liquids.

What does miscible and immiscible mean?

Miscible means to dissolve into something and immiscible menas the opposite. It wouldn't dissolve into something

Is ink a miscible liquid?

Miscible in/with what? I am going to assume in water. Then, yes, they are miscible.

What does miscsible mean?

Miscible means that 2 substances can be mixed together. -ie Latex paint and water. -Oil paint and water is non-miscible.

Is benzene miscible?

It is miscible with Ethanol

Are alcohol and kerosene miscible?

They are not miscible.

What does the term saturated mean?

a state when solute and solvent are completely miscible

Are hexane and dichloromethane miscible?

Yes they are miscible.

Is water and alcohol miscible or imminscible?


Is chloroform miscible with carbon tetrachloride?


Is oil miscible?

Oil is not miscible with water.

Are water and methyl alcohol miscible?


Acetone and oil miscible or immiscible?


Are hexane and toluene miscible?

yes they are miscible.

Is paint immiscible or miscible?

It's miscible

Are acetone and ethanol miscible?

Yes they are miscible.

Is cyclohexane and isopropyl alcohol miscible?

They are miscible.

Why are ethanol and hexane miscible?

Ethanol and hexane are not miscible.

Is oil and Methylene chloride immiscible or miscible?

they are miscible :)

Is phenol is miscible in silicone oil?

Its likely to be miscible.

Are ethanol and isopropanol miscible?

Yes, they are completely miscible.

Is water and oil based paint miscible?

NO, it is not miscible.

Is IPA miscible with petrol.?

IPA is miscible with petrol.

Are oil and vinegar miscible?

Oil and water are not miscible.