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it is the powerhouse of cell .it supplies the energy to the cell .

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What is like a mitochondrion?

mitochondria is the part of a cell that produces energy for each cell. mitochondrion is plural

Energy for a cell is stored in?

The mitochondrion of the cell.

What is like the mitochondrion?

The mitochondrion is the "power house" of a cell and produces ATP to store proteins that give the cell its energy.

What is the description of the mitochondrion?

Mitochondrion provides the energy to cell that the cell needs to move, divide and produce secretory products. The mitochondrion are usually about the size of bacteria and are usually in different shapes depending with the cell type.

Which cell is mitochondrion found in animal cell or plant cell?

Mitochondrion, plural mitochondria, is found in both plant and animal cells. It provides the cell with energy.

What cell part has to do with cell repiration?

mitochondrion or mitochondria

Cell organelle that provides energy to the cell?


What does a mitochondrion do in an animal cell?

The mitochondrion converts food energy another form in which is used by the cell to provide energy to the animal

What does the mitochondrion of a cell do?

stores food

Is mitochondrion a plant cell?


What does mitochondrion do in a plant cell?


Does an animal cell have mitochondrion?

yes it does

Where in the cell is The mitochondrion is the place?

on he cytoplasm

What is the center of cell respiration?

The mitochondrion.

Nickname the powerhouse of the cell?


What is energy for a cell stored in?

the mitochondrion

What protein factory of the cell?


What is the main part of the cell?

the main part of the cell is the mitochondrion

In an animal cell what cell structure transforms energy?


What does the mitochondrion do for the cell?

about 95% of ATP is synthesized for the use of cell

Is mitochondrion found in a plant cell and an animal cell?


Is the mitochondrion a plant cell or a animal cell or both?


what cell organelle is called the treasure of cell energy?

The mitochondrion.

Is the mitochondrion founded in plants or animal cell?

Mitochondrion are found in both plant and animal cells.

The mitochondrion is the cell organelle responsible for?

The mitochondrion (plural mitochondria) is the cell organelle responsible for energy production. Many refer to the mitochondrion as the cellular power plant due to it's role in the production of ATP