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Moda means fashion in Spanish

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Q: What does moda mean in Spanish?
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How do you say fashion in Spanish?

The Spanish word for "fashion" is moda.

What does moda mean?

It means fashion in Italian (and in Spanish as well, but I'm not sure about it).

What is the Spanish translation for the word fashion?

Fashion is "la moda" in Spanish.

How do you say 'fashion model' in Spanish?

Modelo de moda.

How do you say high fashion in spanish?

alta moda (AHLtah MAWdah)

How do you say style in Spanish?

Estilo is the Spanish word for "style".

What do Spanish people ware?

They wear 'ropa' - clothing

How do you spell fashion in spanish?

"Fashion" in Spanish is "moda". It is pronounced "MO-da". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What is MODA?

V-moda's motto is 'colors.'.

What does 'crees que esta de moda' mean?

It means "Do you think this is in fashion?"

What does moda magica en Paris mean in English?

"Magical Moods in Paris"

What is the word for fashion in different languages?

Spanish: moda French: mode German: Mode Italian: moda Japanese: ファッション (fasshon) Chinese (Mandarin): 时尚 (shí shàng)