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The word amend means to change. So a motion to amend indictment means a motion to change the indictment.

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Q: What does motion to amend indictment mean?
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Is it Good for defense if prosecution makes motion to amend indictment?

It depends on HOW they amend it. If they reduce the charge - you're good. If they amend it upwards - not so good.

What does Amend the Motion mean?

It means to propose a change to a Motion.

Can the prosecution change an indictment without filing a motion to amend?

Not enough information is disclosed in the question. Has the arraignment already occurred? Has the Grand Jury handed down the indictment yet? Is this an additional indictment, or added charge?

Can a person interrupt a speaker to amend a motion?

can person interrupt a speaker to amend a motion

What does motion for leave to amend felony complaint . Who files this the accused or the DA. Does this mean motion to drop the charges?

get a lawyer

Can you amend a complaint after a 12b motion to dismiss?

So long as a court has not ruled on a pending Motion to Dismiss, you may amend your complaint.

What is a motion to amend answer?

You are asking the court to amend your response to the original complaint brought against you.

Leave to amend criminal information?

If the Prosecution wishes to add, change, clarify or remove charges from an Indictment, they make a motion for Leave to Amend the Information (the wording may vary by state). Leave, in this case, means permission. The Information is the list of charges and specific details they're accusing someone of committing.

Is there a form for filing a motion to amend a judgment?

In general, no. You should write your own motion.

What does motion to amend mean?

It is a legal request to change something (usually phraseology) contained in a document already filed with the court.

What is Indictment 99999 0099?

what does this indictment number mean 99999/0099

What is ex-officio indictment mean?

An ex-officio indictment is an indictment presented to a higher court when no committal has occurred for the relevant charges in the indictment.

What does superseding process or superseding indictment mean?

An indictment or process that supersedes the original of such.

What does it mean for a case to be no billed?

It means the grand jury refused to return an indictment. An indictment is sometimes called a "bill of indictment."

What does amend mean?

amend means to changeIt means to change or edit

Can a judge make a ruling on a motion to amend an indictment without first hearing arguments from both sides?

No, he can not; a judge must hear both accounts of the event before reaching a jurisdiction.Another View: Judges play no part in the indictment process. ONLY the Grand Jury can issue, or alter a true bill of indictment. The Grand Jury is a "creature" of the Prosecutor's Office, representing the Executive Branch of government. Judges are part of the Judicial Branch.

How do you make a motion and how to amend a motion?

you just put chemicals in just make it disapear like a gas

What do indictment counts mean?

Each count of an indictment is a separate criminal charge against the person.

How do you ask the court for an amendment of witnesses?

File a motion to amend your witness list.

Does amend mean cancel?

Amend means change. So the change could mean that something was canceled or deleted, but not always.

What does the word Emendo mean?

To amend, or correct.

What does change mean with reference to a bill?


What does change mean reference to a bill?


Do you need to file a motion to amend a divorce decree to collect child support arrears in mn?


How do you amend a divorce decree in UT?

You need to return to the court and request the amendment via a motion.