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Make a significant difference. This would be referring to the needle of a measurement instrument; moving the needle would be really showing up on the measurement scale.

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Q: What does move the needle mean?
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Related questions

What does is mean slip marker in knitting?

Move your stitch marker from one needle to the other.

What happens to the compass needle when the circuit is shut off?

the needle does not move

What is flame byxis special move?

it is destiny needle, and magnetic needle storm. :)

What is flame bixises special move?

It's Magnetic Needle Storm and Destiny Needle.

What is flame byxis special move in beyblade?

Destiny Needle , Magnetic Needle Storm

Does the top of the space needle move?

yes it does

What does needle mean in Japanese?

needle means needle same as English its said hari

What does sm in knitting mean?

It means 'slip marker', as when knitting and you come to the marker, you move it from the left needle to the right, to keep your place

What does the term slip marker in knitting mean?

The term slip marker means to just move the marker (previously placed) from the left hand needle to the right hand needle before continuing to knit.

When a flows in a wire a compass needle near the wire will move?

The wire will move due to magnetic forces got from the compass needle since its a good conductor of electricity.

What makes the needle in a compass move?

tectonic plates attract the needle. it is magnetic energy which causes it to point to north.

What force make the campass needle move?

The answer to your question is magnetism.

Why cell membrane does not leak when punctured with a needle?

If a cell is punctured with an ultra-fine needle it will NOT leak. instead, the proteins and phospholipids will move in to fill the gap as the needle is removed.

What is an inoculating needle used for?

An inoculating needle is used in a microbiology lab to collect microorganisms from a culture and move them to a petri dish.

Needle stick injury?

I assume you mean "What is a needle stick injury?" Accidentily pricking yourself with a contaminated needle after you have used it on a patient

Is the needle barrier real in YU GI OH?

No, there is no such authentic card called Needle Barrier, unless you mean Needle Wall.

How do you punch needle?

if you mean punch a sewing needle just look at it and punch it be careful not to get hurt

What does yarn round needle mean in knitting?

If you mean Yarn OVER that means to wrap the yarn around the needle once unless instructed to do more.

What does slip 1 mean in knitting?

When you slip 1 it means that you move one stitch onto your needle without knitting or purling it. Be sure that your yarn is at the back of your work when you do it.

What happens to the direction of the needle when you move the compass?

The direction of the needle will remain unchanged. This is due to magnetic forces, the needle will remain in line with the lines of magnetic force which flow between the north and south poles.

A foot that allows the needle to sew from side to side is a?

A foot that allows the needle to sew from side to side is a zigzag foot. The foot has an open middle so that the needle can move freely from side to side.

What does an inconclusive needle biopsy mean?

Unsure of the diagnosis is.

What does etui mean?

an etui is a small needle holder

What do the measurements on a Insulin needle mean?

The measurement is in units.

What does it mean to activate and dispose of needlesticks?

To dispose of a needle it is important to slide the cap back over the needle and put the needle recycle bin. The bin is locked with a small opening so people cannot reuse the needle. To activate the needle sticks remove the cap from the needle.

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