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Who are the characters of Jane Austen

Why did Darcy try to discourage Charles Bingley from seeing Jane Bennet

How did Elizabeth learn about Darcy's role in convincing Charles Bingley to not become romantically involved with Jane Bennet

Why did Mr Darcy's demeanor toward other people change from one of indifference to one of courtesy and hospitality

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Q: What does mrs bennet consider to be her mission in life?
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Why did mr. bennet married mrs. bennet?


Why did mr bennet marry mrs bennet?


Why did mr. bennet marry mrs. bennet?


In Pride and Prejudice where does Mrs Bennet want Mr Bennet to take the family for the summer?

Mrs. Bennet wanted Mr. Bennet to take the family to Brighton.

Which of their daughters did mrs bennet accuse of always giving her the preference?

Mrs. Bennet accused Mr. Bennet of giving preference to Elizabeth. Although Mrs. Bennet didn't really favor Lizzy, her husband did.

How does Mr. Bennet shock Mrs. Bennet?

Mr Bennet shoked Mrs Bennet when Mr Collins asked for marrying their daughter. The latter did not accept and Mr Bennet said nothing. In fact he liked her decison. And this made Mrs Bennet angry with him because her aim was to make her daughters marry whoever asks for them.

Which of their daughters did Mrs. Bennet accuse Mr. Bennet of always giving her the perference?

Elizabeth Bennet

What does mrs bennet wish mr bennet to do?

In the beginning of Pride and Prejudice, Mrs Bennet wants Mr Bennet to visit Mr Bingley at Netherfield. He says he refuses, but he goes anyway. Another incident in which Mrs Bennet demands Mr Bennet do something is when Elizabeth refuses to marry Mr Collins. Mrs Bennet wants Mr Bennet to make Elizabeth change her mind, but he does not do this, saying that if she marries Mr Collins he will never see her again.

Who were the relatives most helpful to the bennet girls?

Mr and Mrs Gardiner, Mrs Bennet's brother and sister-in-law.

In Pride and Prejudice who is mrs. bennet's sister?

Mrs. Philips

What are Mrs. Bennet's views on love and marriage?

Mrs. Bennet clearly believes it is very important to the well being of any young woman that she marry, if she can. This is because it is crucial to her financial welfare, unless she is independently rich, which the Bennet sisters are not. The issue of love seems irrelevant to Mrs. Bennet.

Which of these was a concern of Mrs Bennet?

That Mr Bennet would be killed in a fight with Mr Wickham

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