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Mugen is a word of japanese origin, meaning dream, fantasy, or infinite.

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What is infinity in Japanese?

Mugen means infinite or infinity in Japanese.

How do you say the Japanese word for infinitie?

Infinite is "mugen" (無限) in Japanese.

What is the Japanese word for infinite?

無限 Mugen

What is the Japanese word for limitless?

Mugen no or 無限の

How do you say 'timeless' in Japanese?

MUGEN means unlimited EIKYUU means forever

What is the equivalent word for infinite success in Japanese?

無限の成功 Mugen no seikō

Does mugen has a virus?

Do you mean MUGEN the game? NO, it does not. I have it on my computer, it works fine and it rly fun! It might have a virus if you downloaded it from an unknown site. To check to see if the program you downloaded has a virus, download AVG from and scan the file with it. If it is a virus, then delete it and next time download Mugen from

How do you say infinite in Japanese?

無限 (mugen) For pronunciation read this site

Where do you find ranma saotome for mugen?

What is Mugen?

Where do you download mugen for free?

mugen is already free

What can you extract Naruto mugen to?

Extract it to your mugen folder

How do you make mugen work?

mugen does not work anymore

What does HCF mean in mugen?

jus go in the mugen folder an den in chars and in each character folder u will see a readme dat has all the special moves

Where to find MUGEN characters?

My personal favorite sites are and you can find almost anything for mugen.

Where can you get Mugen? or but those are sites i know

How do you unlock new characters on MUGEN?

how to unlock mugen characters

Where can you download Kingdom Hearts MUGEN?

First you go on Keyblade Then you select Lonesomean'z MUGEN. Last you click on Lonesomean'z KH MUGEN.I hope you have fun playing KH MUGEN!!!

Is Mugen Illegal?

Winmugen Is. It violates Elecbytes liscense. D.o.s mugen is not.

Is there a Super Smash Bros. brawl mugen?

Nope. But if you use mugen and add all the characters from SSB, you get yourself a brawl mugen :)

You know Mr Six for Six Flags Can you get him for MUGEN?

YES! you can get him in mugen

How do you get sage Naruto in Naruto Shippuden mugen?

sage Naruto does NOT EXIST ON MUGEN

Where can you find Naruto characters for MUGEN? search the naruto characters u want, and put mugen in the front always, like mugen sasuke

How do you get mugen?

You go to a website, like then download it, and then put the mugen file somewhere in your computer. You could also get screenpacks, characters and stages for it, too.

Where do you find mugen rosters?

Try checking out and search "MUGEN Roster Download".

Where to get mugen screenpack?

There are many mugen screenpacks . Most of which you can get at or . when you find the one you want download from authors site and unzip to your mugen folder.there you go! NOTE: backup your select.def file before unzipping so you can add easier. :)

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