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It means perhaps that he doesn't know how to respond.

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Q: What does my crush mean when my friend told him i like him through message he just said 'oh'?
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What does it mean if your crush's friend says woohoo when i walk past?

eirther just your crush, just your crush's friend, or both of them like you or find you attractive

What do I do if my best friend hates my crush?

Well, ask why he/she doesnt like your crush. i just had a friend go through a tough breakup after her friends tried to warn her about the guy she liked. Maybe he/she is warning you about him/her.

How do you get more people to like you?

As in what??? a crush? or a friend??? As a friend??? you treat them nicely, and don`t ditch them. As a crush??? It just happens.

How do you find out that your crush likes you?

you ask your crush's best friend to ask your crush who your crush likes(it may not work but just try)

How do you tell your best friend about your crush?

Just tell them

What should i do if my crush's boyfriend is using her but i don't want to harm our relationship?

If your crush has a boyfriend then you are not her crush. There is no relationship, you are just a friend.

What to do if your friend has a crush on your crush?

If it bothers you talk to your friend about it... Hmm i would tell the person hey i just want you to know that i like this person also. i just want you to know that

Why did a shy girl mumble freak while looking at her crush?

It already happen to my best friend., the thing is, she maybe just shock. Because my best friend when she stumble in front of her crush and can't stand up. Her crush help her. And my friend just SHOUTED. Anyway, that's the answer. Maybe the girl was just shock.

Does hanging out with your crush on the bus count as a close friend if you like each other?

No. A close friend is a person that you can tell anything to. If your crush is just a crush and you two like each other.... it doesn't necessarily mean that they are your close friend.

What would you do if you think your crush like's one of your friends?

Well, just show your crush and your friend that your a good person. And accept and be happy at the fact. (if its a fact) Your friend might be even jealous of you, or your crush might get tired of your friend, and go to you.

What should you do if you and your friend both have a crush on the same person?

just tell them that you have a crush on the person to and you can work something out together

What if my crush say thank you in text message?

then you need to talk to them about your relationship and where you are as friends or if you could be anything more, I did this and now my crush in my boyfriend! if you don't want to talk to them, talk to one of their friends that you can trust, an tell them...if you don't want to do this then, tell your friend to tell their friend and so on....if you just don't want to tell them, and they won't ask you out, then you might just have to move's a mixed up world!