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the answer to this is easy i don't really know

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Q: What does noble mean in social studies?
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What are the aristocrat?

A rich land owner or noble. I looked in my social studies textbook for this answer. Thanks for looking.

What does environment mean in social studies?

Environment means a certain surrounding, place, or a location in Social Studies.

What does feature mean in social studies?


What does isthmus mean in social studies?

be goog

What does neutral mean its from social studies?


What does silt mean in social studies?


What does barter mean in Social Studies?


What does the term social studies mean?

It means that it is a social history that your studying.

What does the word place mean in social studies?

mean postion

What does irrigation mean in social studies?

what does irrigation mean

What were the old noble families of France or Nobles of the Sword under Louis XIV?

I have not found it yet in my social studies book

What does distribution mean in social studies?

To deal out or give out.