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What does nominal mean?

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In name only or assigned to a person by name

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What mean by nominal size of aggregate?

Nominal size is the size of the largest aggregate in a grading.

What is mean by NB in using valve measurement?

nominal bore

Which statistical tool is applicable in describing nominal variable?


What does the nominal interest rate mean?

A nominal interest rate is an interest rate that does not factor in the rate on inflation. Nominal interest rate could also refer to an interest rate that does not adjust for the full effect of compounding.

What does dn300 mm size mean?

That means Nominal Diameter is 300 mm

Is politics nominal or ordinal?


Is favourite sport ordinal or nominal?


Is BMI a nominal or ratio data?


Is work settings nominal or ordinal?

They are nominal.

A sentence with the word Nominal?

i had to pay Nominal fees. Nominal charges might apply on your purchase.

What does it mean the valet parking?

It means the parking with lots of facilities in a very nominal cost.

What is mean by NBin that ball valve 150 NB?

NB stands for Nominal Bore.

What is mean NB which is related to GI pipe?

Nominal bore which is designation for pipe size.

What you pn16?

HI,IT'S mean the pressure nominal is 16 bar,and depended to the temp.

What is meant by a nominal current or nominal voltage?

It is a rated value

Liabilities is real accounts or nominal accounts?

nominal account.

What level of measurement is required to determine the mode?


What is a sentence with nominal?

After the rocket took off, its systems were nominal.

What kind of leadership is queen Victoria nominal or authoritative?


What is meant by a nominal current?

'Nominal' simply means 'named'. So a 'nominal current' is simply a 'named current' and a 'nominal voltage' is simply a 'named voltage'. As opposed to 'actual'. For example, in Europe, the 'nominal voltage' is 230 V, but this doesn't mean that the voltage IS necessarily 230 V, because it is allowed, under the various statutes, to vary above or below the nominal value by a certain percentage (between -6% and +10%, for example, in the UK). The same applies to a nominal current -for example, a kettle's nameplate may specify that the kettle or some other appliance draws a nominal current of, say, 12 A. But, in practice, the actual current will vary due to variations in supply voltage.

Is occupation nominal or ordinal or interval?

Occupation is nominal data. There is not an order to the category occupation, so that eliminates ordinal and interval.

What is nominal diameter of a pipe?

NB (nominal bore) is the European designation equivalent to NPS is DN (diamètre nominal/nominal diameter/Durchmesser nach Norm), in which sizes are measured in millimeters. NB (nominal bore) is also frequently used interchangeably with NPS.You can refer more details here

The scale of measurement for the variable eye color is?


What does PN 40 mean?

Pressure Nominal 40; 40 bar pressure rating for European flange

How do you use nominal in a sentence?

Patty charged a nominal fee for her notary public services. The word nominal is an adjective and in this sentence means token.