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A felony that does not have the possibility of the death sentence as a consequence.

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2009-01-30 15:54:15
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Q: What does non capital felony mean?
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What is a noncapital felony?

A non-capital felony is one that is not punishable by the death penalty if the State you're in has a death penalty. In non-death penalty states it's basically a felony that is not punishable by automatic life in prison without parole.

Is marijuana a felony?

Yes it can be an then It can't be. By that I mean If you sell this drug you are therefore going to be convicted of a felony< if you get caught with this drug in a non packaged form then its not a felony.

Is murder a felony?

Yes. A felony or a capital crime.

What does Non capital income mean?

capital income:the main source of money.

What does non-processed felony charge mean?

A non-proccessed felony charge means 1.) That a person has been accused of a felony crime (one that will result in a minimum of 5 years in prison if convicted) and is awaiting a preliminary hearing, or 2.) A felony charge that was dropped.

What is the statute of limitations in Florida for capital felony?

There is no statute of limitations on a capitol felony in any state.

Can a non-violent felon own a gun in WA if his felony is past the statute of limitations?

If he is a felon, that would mean he has been convicted of a felony. Once convicted, there is no statute of limitations.

Where can you find information on defense for felony murder?

There is no such thing as non-felony murder...

What are non example of of capital?

What are non-examples of Capital Resources

If I have Felony non conviction non violent offense in Texas over 22 years ago can I own a gun?

Question is unclear. How can you have a felony record on a NON-conviction? You were either convicted of a felony or you weren't. If you weren't you're not a felon.

What is a non-violent felonies?

Non violent felonies are crimes that do not involve force, a weapon, or violence. For example: embezzlement is a non violent felony. You took someone's money but did not by writing a check while you worked for him or as his broker. Dealing drugs is a non violent felony. Smuggling is a non violent felony.

How are felony's classified?

This can vary slightly by state (from highest punishment to lowest): * Capital Felony * First Degree Felony * Second Degree Felony * Third Degree Felony * State Jail Felony (different states name this differently).

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