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It could refer to portions of a building, a larger facility [military base?], or even industries that don't immediately involve the work, activities, or equipment of an IT tech.

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Q: What does non it sectors means?
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What do you mean by non-farm sectors?

employment on non farm activity

Why is accommodation important to tourism?

It is one of the sectors in tourism industry, which means tourism cannot function well if one of the tourism sectors is missing.

What is relative growth and decline by sector?

over time whole sectors can grow or decline it also means a sector is doing better or worse compared with other sectors. it may be growing relative to other sectors but still not doing well.

What is Difference between contiguous set of files and a noncontiguous set of files?

Contiguous: Immediately adjacent. For example, contiguous sectors on a disk are sectors that come one after the other. Frequently, a file stored on disk can become fragmented, which means that it is stored on non-contiguous sectors. taken from So one could assume that the difference is that contiguous files are files that are stored immediately adjacent from one another (together) and non-contiguous files are not stored adjacently hence are separated or scattered. Hope this was of some help.

What are the major economic sectors?

i dont know what it means so please help me ot here.

What are sectors divided into?

A sector is the lowest allocation unit in hard disk drives. It can make up into clusters which can be as small as 2 sectors or as much as 4 sectors. Of course this is by no means a conclusive definition of a cluster as disk sizes grow exponentially and newer filesystems are developed to accomodate.

What is a track in secondary storage device of computer?

track mean a path in secondary storage, storage contains traks in circles and in every track there is sectors means tracks are dividing in different chunks of sectors

What does the prefix non means?


Is it dangerous to have 4kb of bad sectors in my c drive?

Yes, typically a hard drive has 0 bad sectors. Once a drive starts to develop bad sectors it typically means that the drive is failing. If you don't want to replace the drive right now, you should back up your drive and keep the backup current.

How many sectors are there in 5.25 inch floppy?

9 sectors

What is a group of sectors called?

A group of sectors is called a block.

How many sectors in sensex and nifty?

how many sectors in bse