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If a health care provider does not accept assignment, it means that you must pay the health care provider. Then you submit their bill to your health insurer, and your health insurer reimburses you according to your contact with your insurer. The health care provider does not get involved in billing insurance.

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No. This is false. - A Medicare participating provider can not decide to accept assignment on a claim-by-claim basis. The provider registers with Medicare as a provider that will accept assignment and must accept assignment on all patients.

AnswerMost of the billing folks you talk to at a doctor's office or for a hospital misunderstand this term.It means the doctor will accept our allowed amnts and they'll write off anything extra.

It means you agree to have assignment of benefits (payments) made to the provider of service(s).

When a doctor or hospital sends a bill to an insurance company, the insurance company in turn sends them an offer of a lesser amount to pay the bill. The doctor or hospital then decides whether or not to accept the offer or "assignment." Most of the time they accept it so they can get paid without any problems.

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It means that the provider agrees to bill Medicare for treatment and accept Medicare as payment in full (except for co-pays and deductibles).

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