What does notably mean example?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does notably mean example?
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What does the considerably mean?

Notably large in size or extent.

What animals eat beehives?

If you mean the wax and honey, there are several animals that do, notably the honey badger and bears.

What does academic background mean?

An academic background means having been to school, most notably, college.

Which was first the first example of direct democracy?

Greeks, most notably Athens; though only males citizens could participate.

What is an example of sarcasm in Breaking Dawn?

When Bella hisses at emmet and he says 'ooooh Scary

How do you use notably in a sentence?

The girl beside him was notably nervous. She seems notably unimpressed by all their arguments. The man in the corner was notably quiet the whole time.

Is particularly an adverb?

Yes it is. It is the adverb form of the adjective particular. It can mean specially, or especially as in 'notably' (e.g. particularly painful).

What does heided mean?

In lowland Scots dialect it means "headed". In some of the big cities, notably Glasgow, it means "head-butted".

What is a word that means quite pretty or rather?

notably, particulary, remarkably notably, particulary, remarkably

What is a synonym for such as?

In some contexts, you can replace SUCH AS with "including" or "for example". The abbreviation often used is "e.g." (exempli gratia).Where appropriate, the adverbs especially, preferably, or notably might be used.

What is an adverb for notice?


What is the definition of Rafft in ela?

R mean reastate the question. A mean answer it. F mean for example. F mean for example. T mean this show that. RAFFT that what it mean in Ela