What does number 777 mean in christian religion?

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7 is the number of perfection, as God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th, and three 7's is symbolic for the Trinity, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
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What does a tattoo of the number 777 symbolize?

777 is considered a sacred number in Hebrew traditions, in Kabbalah, and Hermeticism. In the Qabalistic sense, 777 refers to the 'Flaming Sword', or path that runs through the Tree of Life, tying together the 22 paths. Occultist Aleister Crowley discussed 777 in reference to Qabalistic and Hermetic ( Full Answer )

What does a 777 tattoo mean?

To the best of my knowledge, it's just a sign of good luck from 777 being the biggest payout on a slot machine. new answer I know nothing of tattoos, but I can give the spiritual significance based on my studies of mind and the form of numerology which correlates with the process of creation. ( Full Answer )

What dose 777 mean?

it can mean a lot of things though most people associate it with luck or gambling

What is the religion of Christianity?

Basically, a Christian is to follow Jesus Christ as their perfect example. Jesus put God the Father above all and did the Father's Will without exception. He followed Gods Law and Sabbath completely - to the letter and the spirit of it as it was originally given in the Garden and will be restored ag ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity a religion?

Yes. In one sense, religion is a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny and the practices and institutions associated with such belief. Religion takes many forms but world religions are dominated by a group of organized religious belief systems and organizations o ( Full Answer )

What is the Christian religion about?

In a simply, summary word: Love. We are commanded to Love God completely and then to Love our fellow man just like Jesus love each and everyone of us. Answer: Christianity is about relationship not religion. A Christian is someone who has entered a new relationship with God. The Bible sa ( Full Answer )

What do Christians mean when they say things like Christianity is not a religion and I am not religious?

What is often meant is that religion does not get a person to heaven. This is usually said in relation to discussions on how to get to heaven or how to please God. Since all true Christians know God personally, through the in-dwelling Holy Spirit, they prefer to talk about a relationship rather than ( Full Answer )

Is 777 777-7777 a real phone number?

There is no area code 777 in North America (USA, Canada, etc.). There are several possibilities: . The Caller ID data somehow got corrupted on its way to yourphone. . It is relatively easy to send fake Caller ID data through thesystem. . Some VoIP services send fake Caller ID on calls from Inte ( Full Answer )

What religion was the founder of the Christian religion?

Christianity has its roots in Judaism, the religion on the Jewish people. The very first Christians (including Jesus and his Apostles) were Jews, keeping the Sabbath on Saturday, for example, and presumably making sacrifices to the God of Israel at the Temple in Jerusalem as was the custom of the da ( Full Answer )

What are the meanings of Logos to different ancient religions and how does it differ with Christianity?

In ancient Greek, logos meant 'word', but this meaning gradually extended to include other concepts such as speech, thought, reason, principle and logic. In the Platonic school of philosophy, Logos became the principle of unity, order and reason within the universe, and later came to refer to a ( Full Answer )

Is the Christian religion a good religion?

It is difficult to answer this question without making a judgment based only on opinion. Any loyal Christian would immediately say that Christianity is a good religion; in fact, some very devout Christians believe it is the only true faith. Certainly, there are a number of positive things about Chri ( Full Answer )

What does the vine mean in christian religion?

In the Bible, John 15 Jesus is talking about how he is the vine, and we are the branches, some of the branches need to be cut off, and some of them can grow strong and long. He is also saying that we are nothing withought him. We cannot be withought him, if we fall from the vine, we will wither away ( Full Answer )

Where was the Christian religion from?

The Christian religion began after the death and ressurrectionof Jesus Christ. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in the country now called Israel. The Bible is the Christian Holy book. The Bible says everybody isborn spiritually dead. Another way of saying this is people don'thave a relationship with/kn ( Full Answer )

What does the number nine mean in religion?

Genesis 5:8 And all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years: and he died. Genesis 5:11 And all the days of Enos were nine hundred and five years: and he died. Genesis 5:20 And all the days of Jared were nine hundred sixty and two years: and he died. Genesis 5:27 And all the days of Methu ( Full Answer )

In Christianity what does the number 11 means?

Nothing.. It's just a number, like any other number.. Numerology is not part of Christianity and has nothing to do with the Bible.. Although many people, out of what appears their personal hatred for the Bible and Christianity, attempt to assign hidden or secret meanings to numbers and passages w ( Full Answer )

Is Methodist religion a Christian religion?

It is a denomination of Christianity, yes. Not all churches that are of any particular denomination are presently teaching Christian doctrine, so you have to be careful and examine ANY church's doctrine by comparing it to the Bible.

What is the Christianity religion?

The Christian religion is belief in one supreme God. They believe that God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross and save all people from their sins. They also believe that Jesus rose from the grave three days after burial and lives today in Heaven. Christians believe that if you accept Jesus into ( Full Answer )

What was the Christian religion?

Christianity developed from Judaism. It is built on the same holy book, the Torah, with additions making the Torah the Old Testament and additions the New Testament. After Jesus was born, many declared him to be God's Son and this evolved into Christianity. Answer: Christianity is not a deve ( Full Answer )

Gods number is 777 why 777?

In the first chapter of the Bible, we are introduced to seven churches. In Rev 1:20 we read of seven churches having seven stars (which are seven angels) and seven lampstands which symbolize those churches. It is NOT just because Satan has 666. Both numbers have a meaning. Read the bible to answer ( Full Answer )

What is Christianity religion?

This is such a big issue and you will get such a diverse range of answers on the internet In brief there are 2 main schools of thought 1 - Being a christian or part of christianity means you come from a "christian" nation and perhaps you go to church at christmas/easter etc, and also you perha ( Full Answer )

Christianity is a what religion?

Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is most definitely nto a religion. Christianity is aRELATIONSHIP with a living God. Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Meaning: The belief that there is only one God. Answer2: Jesus said to his followers: "You are my friends if you do what Iam ( Full Answer )

If a file has permissions of 777 in Linux it means?

If a file has permision of 777 in Linux than it means that it have full permision to do anythink with file like Read,write,execute to any user eg. root (admin),Group users and user(local user) user can change file contents,delete file,move that file anywhere and more operations. But it is not go ( Full Answer )

What does the number 21 mean in Christianity?

Certain numbers did come to have significance in Christianity. However this is purely a matter of superstition particularly in Roman Catholicism. Any credence given to the significance of numbers belongs in the realm of divination in the area of numerology. In Roman Catholicism, the numbers three an ( Full Answer )

Does Christianity mean to oppose other Religions?

It's difficult at best to answer questions regarding Christianity in general when modern professing Christianity boasts literally hundreds of denominations, many of which exist on the premise of their own carnal minded ideas, instead of following the Bible. Many of them, in their attempts to find ( Full Answer )

Which Christian religion is the true religion?

One thought: Who knows? They're all just a small deviation of the one before the one before, and they all claim to have the correct version. You don't need religion to find God. Another thought: Most likely it would be the original Roman Catholic because this was the pure form of Catholicism ( Full Answer )

777 what does it mean?

777 is the God number. It means to be with Christ and to do the right thing (integrity).

What does 777 mean on jewelry?

I'm not sure if this is right or not, but I tried looking it up and this is what i found. Platinum mark 777 ppt pure platinum alloys "ppt" parts per thousand Your chain is a platinum chain with 777 p.purity mark

What does the number 777 mean in numerology?

This sign indicates that a lesson has been learned. It is a sign of acknowledgment and achievement - You have learned a lesson that your Spirit Guides want you to learn about your life.

Is 'Christian Science' a Christian religion?

Currently the words Christian Science as a religion discovered by Mary Baker Eddy, is Christian. The words Christian science as a means of belief about science as based on a fundamentalist Christian interpretation of the Bible is also Christian. The diversity of the word Christian is not one of rest ( Full Answer )

Is Christian a religion?

Yes, Christianity is a religion. 33% of the world's population is Christian. The main beliefs of Christians are in God, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit (sometimes called the Holy Ghost). Being a Christian means that you believe in God, you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and ( Full Answer )

How do Islam believers grow in number if it is false religion while Christianity is true?

Both Christianity and Islam religions are true God religions. Neither Christianity nor Islam is wrong or mistaken religion since the believers of both religions believe in God oneness without a partner or associate and without companion, son, or any equivalence. It is God will and wisdom to create p ( Full Answer )

What religion was the foundation of the Christian religion?

Judism If you're asking who founded Christianity Jesus , who Christians believe is the son of God, the savior, and Messiah; but many of the customs and beliefs of Christianity came from the apostles, most notably St. Paul. If you are asking about the origins of Christianity, it is an offshoot of Ju ( Full Answer )

What did it mean to teach the Christian religion to Native Americans?

replace their spirituality with a monotheistic dogma that would devalue the Native American's own culture and value system. Weren't the first Christian missions to the Native Americans meant to protect their own interests in securing land, building settlements and helping provide safe passage into t ( Full Answer )

Will the number 777 be in the sequence that increase by 7 and why?

That all depends upon the first term of the sequence: As long as the first number is less than, or equal to 777 and as long as (first_number MOD 7) ≡ (777 MOD 7) will 777 be in the sequence. 777 MOD 7 ≡ 0 ⇒ if, and only if, first_number ≤ 777 and first_number MOD 7 ≡ ( Full Answer )

What was Christianity religion?

A religion from God. John3:16"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

What is the meaning of the sequence of digits in 7 777?

In numerology, any repeating sequence of numbers is a good sign. In cursory research, the term 'angel numbers' came up quite a bit. In angelology, the sequence of numbers, especially the number 7, in digits of three or more is considered to be very lucky.

What is the approximate number of churches within the Christian religion?

There are millions! If you mean "Church" as in the building there are millions, if you mean "church" as the people who meet (as some people do consider church as "where two or more are gathered in Jesus name") there must be billions as they meet in homes, school buildings, old cinemas and a variety ( Full Answer )

What does Christmas mean to the Christian religion?

Christmas has a somewhat divided meaning to Christians. Some Christians celebrate Christmas, while others do not. The reason for this, is that there is dispute whether or not Jesus Christ was born at this time of year. Those Christians who believe the Savior was born during winter, sometimes celebra ( Full Answer )

What does number 777 mean in the Bible?

Some in biblical numerology would say the number 7 represents completion or perfection. Mentioning a number as '777' is intensifying the meaning to be the absolute position.

Is Christianity a religion for Christian?

No Christianity is a religion for all people. Actually Christianityis not about religion it is about relationship. Christianity isabout how Jesus made it possible for anybody to restore theirrelationship with God. The Bible tells us that all people have gone gone away from God andno longer have a re ( Full Answer )