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What does o rly mean?

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It's slang for "oh really".

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What did Jesus drink from?

O rly?

What does rly mean?


Mary rose sat on a pin?

o rly?

Does airlock prevent you from putting gas in your car?

,___, {O,o} |)``) YA RLY

What does makingout mean?

kissing repeatedly or advanced kissing. dont make out if ur not rly rly rly into the guy/girl. it cld give them the wrong idea

What does ASD rly mean?

Automatic Shutdown Relay

What are three mental emotional changes that occur during adolesence?

1. when you break up with your gf/bf makes you rly rly sad 2. when you fail a test and realise you're gonna get nowhere in life and you get rly rly sad 3. when you get rly rly sad adolesence is a rly rly sad time :-(

What is a mundau mundo - Borneo mythical jungle creature?

it is a rly rly rly rly cool i dunno i was just jokin i rly dont no ask timithy butcher

What does PAD mean stamped on a ring?


What happens if you dont care of gingivitis?

it gets worse and rly rly hurts. After a longtime ur teeth will look rly bad 2. Get it fixed if u have it!!

What is the difference between body lotion and cream?

Theres not rly a diff with it only one is heavier then the other i hope this rly rly helps - saralove1 aka cutieduckie -

What is Cher Lloyd's worst song?

in my opion she rly dsnt have a worst song they are rly good

What happens if you did in North Carolina and have no will?

what is if you did in north carolina?" i think they mean if u died. and i rly dont know

What do the letters OR mean after a name?

Oregon Official Receiver, a statutory office holder in England and Wales O RLY? Official Recordkeeper Operating Room Olympic Record Ornery/Occultist/Overreacting/Old Republican OveRbook(ed)

What is the Indian railway rule for transfer of employees?

one way from southeran rly to north west rly

Define railway receipt?

railway receipt given by rly authority after receipt of payment railway receipt given by rly authority after receipt of payment railway receipt given by rly authority after receipt of payment

Why the penis is one?

only one can have that much fun.hashahahahahaha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ O RLY?Strange gene modification, some (lucky) (odd) number of people have 2

What is Eve's last name?

-.- rly? eve was in the BIBLE she didn't have one, unless you mean the whole of _____ thing then she would be eve of eden

Where are the iron ruins in Pokemon platinum?

Bottom floor of Iron Island. O RLY i kant find registeel (wich hes in there i dont see him) it and im standing right in it -.-

Is a horse fly dangerous?

I don't rly know but I'm thinking that they r kinda dangerous cuz they can really hurt if they bite u and they r rly big!

How do you play a Taylor swift song on the recorder?

Well, if u try and fart rly rly loud, people will hear u and think ur playing taylor sift

What does A O stamped on jewelry mean?

what does O mean on a gold necklace

Do you have to go to church to be christean?

no, but then what tie do u rly have to your religion?

If you are 15 and 5'5 and weigh 180 is that rly bad?

180 in what?

Why are sailfish so fast?

they get rly horny and then swim after the femlaes

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