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Over drive

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What is a decent mileage for Toyota tercel 99?

Around 144k. You can fiqure around the average od 10 to 12k miles per year.

What does the Od light on a Toyota tacoma dash mean?

OD means Overdrive. The light is on because you have disengaged the Overdrive. The button is on the shift lever on the side. Push that button to engage the overdrive.

What does OD stand for EXample That's OD?

OD has 2 meanings you can OD(over dose) or the slang way OD(over doing it) OD also stands for "Organizational Deevelopment"

What does OD stand for medically?


Why does OD light flashes on and off in your 1997 mountaineer?

od light flashing on 1997 mercury montoneer

What does the abbreviation OD stand for?

left ear

What does OD stand for?

overdose as in drugs or medicine

What does OD stand for in prescriptions?

Over Dose.

What is od in Toyota avensis verso auto?

Over Drive

What does it mean to have OD after your name?

Within the medical field OD could stand for Doctor of Optometry

What does OD stand for after a Doctor's name?

Doctor of Optometry

What does od stand for in medication administration terms?


What does it mean when the overdrive light is on 1999 Dodge Dakota V8 truck?

OD is disabled.OD is disabled.

1989 Nissan 240sx auto od button on stick shifter will not stay depressed od dash light is on car doesn't shift into od but if button is held depressed od will work light goes out any ideas?

sounds like you need to replace the OD switch in the shifter.

OD symbol in Toyota Corolla 94 how do you turn it on?

There is a small button on the shift. Press it on or off position. A light in the instrument panel (O/D) will light up. It prevents the car from going into over drive mode.

What does OD FCOVD stand for?

Fellow of the College in Vision Development

How do you fix 1999 ford cv od light flashes and no od?

get your transmission services soon

How do you turn off the OD dash board indicator light in a 1996 Toyota Camry?

there will be a small button below the gear shift stick.... on the stick itself.. just click that button.....

What do the initials OD stand for?

It could stand for Doctor of Optometry abbreviated ODThey are also the initials of one of the most important people in the history of the Little Debbie snacks company, O.D. McKee.

Why '03 Ford Focus OD light on?

The od light means that the over-drive is off. Pushing the little button on the shifter selector will turn it on (when the dummy light is not on) and off (when the dummy light is lit).

Is an OD really a doctor?

No, OD is not an abbreviation for a physician's degree in the US (MD or DO are for those types of practitioners). OD can stand for other things in medical abbreviations:OD can stand for an overdose.OD also stands for Doctor of Optometry.OD may also stand for right eye, Oculus (eye) dexter (right) in Latin.You may be thinking of DO. This is a medical degree in the US that is abbreviated DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), and which is the equivalent of an MD (Doctor of Medicine) in practice. The training is also very similar for the two doctorate degrees. They are both really doctors.

What is the od off light on your mercury mystique?

That's the overdrive off light

What does it mean if the overdrive light flashes in your 2002 ford F350?

I have a 2002 F350 and my OD light came on, that was 3 transmissions ago... by default the fords are in OD, you have to turn it off when towing. Never tow without turning the OD off first. My experience was that the trans was burned up, and the light kept flashing, or You might be exceeding the speed for being in OD.

What does it mean when the OD OFF light is blinking while OD is engaged?

There is a problem with the Overdrive. Seek professional help.

Have a 1998 Sable and the OD off light came on and then the check engine light came on and Now the OD light has gone off but the check engine light is still on and the rpms on the car fluctuate.?

have vehicle scanned to determine problem