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The study of tumors.

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What is the term oncology?

Like other medical specialties, oncology is also one of them. Oncology means the study of cancer. A medical professional who practices oncology is known as an oncologist. Oncologist these days use electronic medical records to document clinical encounters pertaining to oncology. These specific EMRs are called specialty EMRs, they are designed to provide a specialist with the relevant templates to facilitate their workflow management.

What does oncology therapeutic mean?

Oncology is the study of cancer and therapeutic means "treatment option". An oncologic therapeutic medication or procedure is a particular medication or procedure specifically for the treatment of cancer.

What types oncology?

there are all kinds of oncology in the world

What is the medical term meaning study and treatment of tumors?

Oncology is the study of tumors.Oncologywhat is the study of tumors?Oncologyonocology novanet

How much do oncology nurses make?

how much salary do oncology nurses make

When was European Institute of Oncology created?

European Institute of Oncology was created in 1994.

Is there a department of Oncology at Baylor School of Medicine?

Oncology at Baylor appears to be attached to a number of areas. Two are:* Baylor College of Medicine's section of Hematology and Oncology* The Scott Department of Urology. Urologic Oncology(Cancer).Viper1

What is oncology?

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. A medical professional who practices oncology is an oncologist.ย 

What are the initials COG after a doctor's name?

When we see COG in connection with a physician (an M.D.) or medical group, it usually means Childrens Oncology Group. It's a coalition of medical professionals with a focus on childhood onset oncology. A link can be found below.

What is oncology nurse practitioner?

An oncology nurse practitioner is one who specializes in the care of cancer patients.

What is the symbol for ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc in NASDAQ?

The symbol for ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc in NASDAQ is: ZIOP.

What is an ob gyne-oncology?

Gynecologic Oncology is a specialty that deals with cancers of the female reproductive tract. Specialists in this field have a higher cure rate than nonspecialists in cancer treatment.

Who was the father of oncology?

Byrl James Kennedy is considered the father of medical oncology. He worked at the University of Minnesota.

Why is hematology always combined with oncology?

Hematology and oncology are closely linked because viewing the white blood cell count in the blood (hematology) is a determination of the severity of cancer (oncology) present in the body.

What rhymes with proctology?


Who does joe sciarrone husband of Mary Valastro work for?

He works for Oncology Supply, a wholesale distributor of oncology meds

Which hospital is best for cancer in food pipe in India?

HCG, Best Cancer Care Hospital in india. Cancer Treatment, CyberKnife Surgery,Oncology Symptoms, Cancerous Tumors,Breast Cancer Treatment, chemotherapy,Radiation oncology, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology. They give thetreatment for all types of cancer.

What are facts about oncology?

It treats cancer.

What do you call the study of cancer?


Where can I get more information about radiation oncology locums? is a good site. It can help you find a job in the field.

What is the market cap for ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc ZIOP?

As of July 2014, the market cap for ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc (ZIOP) is $328,366,681.76.

Does Locum Tenens have radiation oncology jobs available?

They do indeed have oncology jobs available. For a more detailed list and description you can visit

What is the Medical terminology combining form meaning cancer?

The combining form that means cancer is: carcin/o (as in "carcinoma", meaning cancerous tumor) or onco (as in oncology).

What is a Oncology information specialist?

A Cancer Counselor.

What is the study of prenatal oncology?

Cancer in the unborn.

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