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What does open gates mean in context to colleges?

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In the context of a concert or other event, "open admission" usually means that the public can participate in an activity or event for free. In the context of colleges and universities, "open admission" means that applications are evaluated on their merits, without any numeric requirements such as GPA or standardized test scores. In the United States, this practice is largely limited to community colleges, but is also employed by certain 4-year colleges such as Shimer College of Chicago.

The npc's can't open gates, but can open doors.

kakashi can open 2 gates

Click on open gates in rally spot

You have to get a PASS from a monkey or get the key for that gate that is how you open gates.

Open in this context means that the power is not connected and hot means it is.

The gates open two hours before the game

It means he is going to do his signiture move: hell's gate

well you can open the inner gates but it hurts and you start to feel light headed at the gate of joy

Depending on context, auf can be translated as:onuponontouptoatinonboardopen

"Everything open" in the context of hooker terminology would mean, everything is open to negotiation. In other words if you have some particularly unusual request, it will be considered, and may cost more.

Remote controlled gates are powered by buttons that send signals to receivers located on the gates. Once the signals are received the gates open.

no humans can open the gates but in the naruto anime only gai and lee were the once that opened it so far

Most community colleges are open.

Since there is no segregation, the colleges are open to all.

Opening the Eight gates means certain death. Rock Lee, because of his ninja way, will most likely never open all gates.

You could start at any of the community colleges which are open admissions.

If you mean an Open Door ADMISSIONS policy, it means that classes are open to anyone that can benefit from the class. You are not required to have a diploma or test scores to be admitted to the college.

you earn it. the more you level up, the more quests you get that will allow you to go to the gates

What is recognised with nios???? If you mean colleges and schools, then yes NIOS is recognised by the GOVT of India.

They open any day, or anytime!

Rock Lee can open Six chakra gates. Rock Lee is not capable of opening all chakra gates. When Rock Lee was fighting Gaara, Kakashi asked Might Guy how many gates he had got up to. Guy said he was up to five gates. Now that he has trained during time-skip, Rock Lee can probably open the sixth chakra gate now.

Gates in rocklee? he can open the gate of opening,rest,life,pain,closing in part 1. In part 2 he can open all. All gates: gate of opening rest life pain closing joy shock death

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