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An open plea is when a defendant pleads guilty without an agreement regarding punishment.

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What does plea mean?

what is plea

What does it mean when someone enters their plea?

"Entering a plea" means the offiical declaration of your plea in the case in which you were charged (i.e.- 'enter' a plea of guilty - 'enter' a plea of not guilty).

Is there such a thing as an open plea with a sentence cap My buddy wants to file an open plea but he would like to put a cap of 25 years on it - possible or not?

It is possible to put a cap on an open plea if the prosecutor will agree, but most times even if they will agree to a cap on the top end, they will demand a cap on the low end for their benefit.

What is an open plea with mental illness?

not guilty by reason of mental illness

What does it mean to plea out?

Criminals commonly plea out or take a plea bargain to avoid trial. This allows the offender to be on house arrest or have lesser punishments, rather than jail or prison.

What does plea offer mean in the legal term?

A plea offer is what the prosecutors will offer you to settle your case if you agree to plead guilty.

What does grand mean in ballet?

that would depend on the excercise if it is a grand plea then it is when you do a plea that basicaly goes down to knee level

What does french word plaid mean in English?

It is a plea.

After a uncanchans plea of nocontest what your rights to achange of plea?

If you pled 'no contest' (which is effectively a 'guilty' plea) and the plea was accepted and you received judgement, it is pretty much too late to reverse your plea now. You could try submitting a motion to the court for a request to consider withdrawing your original plea, but it might be too late, and the only course of action open to you now would be to file an appeal with the Court of Appeals.

What does a sealed plea bargain mean?

please help mean understand this meaning?

What does the word plea pack mean in a court of law?


What does grossbitte mean?

Grosse Bitte - big appeal/plea

Can you settle traffic tickets?

If by "settle" you mean "plea bargain" them, the answer is no.

What does plea out mean?

"Plea out" is not a legal term. In commonly used slang however, it means to plead guilty to an offense and take what punishment was meted out.

A sentence with the word plea?

I plea for mercy but to no avail

What does plea of no cnt 1 MEAN?

It sounds like it may POSSIBLY mean: No Contest, Count 1. Which would mean that the defendant pleaded "no contest" to the charge against them.A no contest plea is, in effect, a plea of guilty and signifies that the defendant acknowledges that the prosecution has enough evidence against them in order to convict, therefore the defendant will not 'contest' the charge.

What does the term Plea mean in court?

A "plea"' is the answer, which the defendant in a legal proceeding makes to the complaint against the defendant.To "plead" something means 'to present an arguament for.'

Is a plea of nolo contendere the same as a not guilty plea?

No, it is a guilty plea

What is conviction by plea?

A conviction by plea is where you plea "guilty" or "nolo contendre" (no contest) to a charge. The plea is treated as a conviction of that charge.

How do you use the word plea in a sentence?

The televised plea called for donations.The suspect entered a plea of not guilty.Please, hear my desperate plea.

In California can you appeal a plea bargain for a misdemeanor?

You can file the motion and hold your breath - but - if the plea was the result of a plea bargain, essentially YOU agreed to the plea. How can you appeal your OWN self-bargained plea.

What a guilty plea?

A guilty plea is an admission in open court that the state can present facts sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did the thing that he has been accused of. For details see the related link below.

Can you appeal on a no contest plea?

No, a no contest plea cannot be appealed, unless you can show some kind of coercion to making the plea. It is similar to a guilty plea.

What plea is closest to a guilty plea?

That would be a "no contest" plea. You're not admitting guilt but you realize the prosecution has enough evidence to convict you.Added: SUch a plea as described above would be a plea of Nolo Contendre.

What does projected guilty plea mean?

"Projected" when used in this sense means that it is 'expected' that soemthing will happen. (e.g.: Because of the amount of evidence against him it is 'projected' that he will enter a guilty plea.)