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prayers with the (plural noun)

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Q: What does oraciones con los mean in spanish?
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What does con los hermanos mean?

Con los hermanos is Spanish for "With Siblings"

What does colo terrorista mean in Spanish?

You mean "con los terroristas". is a phrase that became popular with a viral video, means "with the terrorists."

How do you say employee relations in spanish?

Relaciones con los Empleados :]

How do you say talk with friends on the phone in spanish?

Hablar con los amigos por vía telefónica. Platicar con los amigos por teléfono.

What does la vida con Los mean?

La vida con los means 'life with the....(plural masculine noun)'

How do you say I like to play with in Spanish?

Me gusta jugar con los amigos.

What does con los perros mean in English?

With the dogs

How do you say you play with your brothers in spanish?

Juegas con tus hermanos (statement) Tu: juga con los hermanos (order)

What does Los dibujos con las palabras mean in Spanish?

It means the pictures with words!! :p! :)!

What does vaya con los pollos mean?

Go with the chickens.

What does Los Angelos mean in spanish?

That's not Spanish. If you mean "Los ángeles", that means "the angels".

What does los altos mean in spanish?

Los Altos means 'The heights' in Spanish.