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What does organelles do in the cell?


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what organelles do in a cell is work to make energy for the cell. The nucleus contains the chromosones x which contain the DNA.

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The organelles of a cell are like your organs. Your organs are in your body and organelles (little organs) are in a cell.

The Plant Cell Has More. The Plant Cell Has 10 Organelles And The Animal Cell Has 7 Organelles.

There are many organelles in a eukaryotic cell, these are the organelles in an animal cell.

Various components of a cell are called cell organelles. Various living activities are performed with the help of these organelles.

write down the functions of cell organelles

what are the 14 organelles that are in the animal cell

No, the organelles are within the cell membrane (in the cytoplasm).

An animal cell organelles are organelles that are found in the human body or in the animal body

Without membrane bound organelles. These cells do have organelles.A prokaryote cell.

The cell organelles are suspended in the cytosol; a jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended.

Many cell organelles resemble sponges.

a cell without an organized nucleus is a prokaryotic cell although it does have organelles it only has organelles hich are not membrane bound.

no not all organelles have cells but cells can be in organelles

The ckytoskeleton moves organelles around the cell and gives structure to the cell

There are many organelles found in the cell, for example the mitochondria, and the Golgi apparatus are two organelles with different functions in the cell.

Organelles are in every cell. Virus do not have organelles.

The entire cell contains cell organelles. The cytoplasm is the filler inside the cell that surrounds the organelles. The cell membrane, or cell wall depending on if it's a plant or animal cell, encloses the entire cell.

Organelles are found in the cytoplasm between the nucleus and the cell membrane.

A eukaryote is a cell with a nucleus and other organelles.

some cell organelles replicate and some synthesize

Yes technically every cell has organelles but yea they do also. :)

All of the Organelles that are numerous and developed in the cell of course

All eukaryotic cells contain organelles.

The Eukaryota cell is both nucleus and organelles. This is taught in science.

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