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What does orthodox mean?

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The word orthodox, from Greek orthodoxos "having the right opinion", from orthos ("right", "true", "straight") + doxa("opinion" or "praise", related to dokein, "to think"),[1] is typically used to mean adhering to the accepted or traditional and established faith, especially in religion.[2]

The term did not conventionally exist with any degree of formality (in the sense in which it is now used) prior to the advent of Christianity in the Greek-speaking world, though the word does occasionally show up in ancient literature in other, somewhat similar contexts.[citation needed] Orthodoxy is opposed toheterodoxy ("other teaching"), heresy and schism. People who deviate from orthodoxy by professing adoctrine considered to be false are most often called heretics or radicals, while those who deviate from orthodoxy by removing themselves from the perceived body of believers are called schismatics. The distinction in terminology pertains to the subject matter; if one is addressing corporate unity, the emphasis may be on schism; if one is addressing doctrinal coherence, the emphasis may be on heresy.

Apostasy, for example, is a violation of orthodoxy that takes the form of abandonment of the faith, a concept largely unknown before the adoption of Christianity as the state religion of Rome on February 27, 380 by Theodosius I, see also First seven Ecumenical Councils. A lighter deviation from orthodoxy than heresy is commonly called error, in the sense of not being grave enough to cause total estrangement, while yet seriously affecting communion. Sometimes error is also used to cover both full heresies and minor errors.

The concept of orthodoxy is the most prevalent and even inherently pervasive in nearly all forms of organized monotheism, but orthodox belief is not usually overly emphasized in polytheistic or animistreligions. Often there is little to no concept of dogma, and varied interpretation of doctrine and theology is tolerated and sometimes even encouraged within certain contexts. Syncretism, for example, plays a much wider role in non-monotheistic (and particularly, non-scriptual) religion. The prevailing governing idea within polytheism is most often orthopraxy ("right practice") rather than "right belief".

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"Orthodox" is commonly used to mean "fully religious." It is most often used to refer to the Greek Orthodox Church, the Russian Orthodox Church, or Orthodox Judaism. See also the Related Link.

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What does 'orthodox' mean?

'Orthodox' literally means 'the right way'

Is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in union with the Antiochian Orthodox Church?

Depends which "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" you mean. If you mean the Autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is self-ruld but under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church, the answer is "yes." If you mean the Ukrainian Orthodox parishes in the USA, Europe, and Australia which are under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople (although these are certainly NOT a "Ukrainian Orthodox Church," but simply Ukrainian Orthodox dioceses of the Patriarchate of Constantinople), the answer is "yes." If you mean any other Ukrainian Orthodox groups-whther one of the so-called variety of "Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox" Churches IN the Ukraine (some of which also now have parishes in the USA), or any of the plethora of vagante, fly by night, non-canoncial, possibly heretical, possibly occult groups in the US that include the words "Ukrainian" and "Orthodox" iin their names, the answer is "NO." See the question "is the Russian orthodox church in union with the ukrainian orthodox church" for more information

What is the major religion in eastern Europe and russia?

Russian Orthodox,or Orthodox Christianity,both mean the same thing :)

If you're baptised does it mean you are Christian?

No, it depends on the confession of the priest who baptized you. If he is a Catholic priest, you are a Catholic, an Orthodox priest - Orthodox...

What does orthodox mean in Greek?

Orthodox is made up of two Greek words "ortho" which means correct and "doxa" which means worship or glory. In a secular sense, 'orthodox' can mean traditional or conforming with accepted standards. In a spiritual context, the word 'Orthodox' means the correct faith or the correct worship and glory of God.

Who wears a kippah?

Orthodox Jewish mean wear them at all times. Non-Orthodox men (and some non-Orthodox women) wear them inside the synagogue and/or at Jewish events and occasions.

What does the patriarch mean to the Greek orthodox religion?

equivalent to the pope

What types of orthodox churches exist?

Russian orthodox. Greek orthodox. Coptic orthodox. Antiochia orthodox. Eastern orthodox. Ethiopian orthodox.

Does the colour of a kippah mean something?

No it does not. However. Many Orthodox Jewish men only wear black Kippot. Non-Orthodox and some Modern Orthodox Jews wear any color or pattern.

When did the Roman Catholic Church separate from the Orthodox Church?

You mean when did the Orthodox(east) and Catholic Church(west)seperate from each other? In 1054

What is the difference between a Church of England church and a orthdox church?

Do you mean Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Jewish Orthodox? Arguably, not a huge amount because orthodox usually denotes a high value being placed on procedure and tradition - which they all share to an extent.

Who lead the Greek orthodox church in the ad?

I don't know what you mean by "ad".I may be wrong, but I believe the Greek Orthodox Church's hierarch is Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, Turkey, who is one of the patriarchs of the broader Orthodox Church.

What are the differences between Catholic and orthodox Sunday worship?

It depends on the Catholic and the Orthodox you mean. Many Catholics and Orthodox churches share the same Rite, and so worship is basically identical. For example there are both Catholics and Orthodox who follow the Byzantine Rite, or the Coptic. Some are unique, for example, there are no Orthodox churches who use the Roman Rite which can be found in the Catholic Church.

What does orthodox mean in the Jewish religion?

It means those Jews who keep the Torah.

What is the house of worship for the orthodox?

Orthodox Jews go to Synagogue. Orthodox Christians go to Orthodox Churches.

What is a Greek Orthodox Christian?

A ‘Greek Orthodox’ Christian is a Christian who comes under the Orthodox Church of Greece. In the rest of the world, he or she would be known as an Orthodox Christian. The name "greek orthodox" should not be used to describe Orthodox Christians in other countries outside of Greece. There is no nationality in the Orthodox Church. It is open to people of all backgrounds, races and cultures. Orthodox Christians in Japan are Japanese Orthodox, Orthodox Christians in Russia are Russian Orthodox, Orthodox Christians in America are American Orthodox, etc.

What does Orthodox Easter mean?

Orthodox Easter is the date when Eastern Orthodox Christians throughout the world celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year, Orthodox Easter is on 27 April 2008, according to the Julian Calendar. The Western Christians (Catholics and Protestants) now use the Gregorian Calendar to calculate their Easter. Orthodox Easter is also known as 'Pascha' in Greek, and has continued to be celebrated in the same way by Orthodox Christians for over 2,000 years.

Can a Coptic Orthodox marry someone that is not Coptic Orthodox?

A Coptic Orthodox person cannot marry any other person from any other christian denomination,but is allowed to marry the person if that person is greek orthodox or belongs to the group of oriental orthodox churches which consist of Coptic Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, Ethiopian Orthodox, Eritrean Orthodox, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (India) and Armenian orthodox Apostolic churches.

Do Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas?

Yes, the Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox churches and their members do.

Is Nina dobrev Christian?

She is Eastern Orthodox. More specifically, Bulgarian Orthodox. Not Russian Orthodox, Bulgarian Orthodox.

Can Coptic orthodox love at thirteen?

The Orthodox Church does not encourage relations at the age of thirteen. If by 'love' you mean sexual relations, then the view of the Church is that sex before marriage is not permitted.

In the biblical sense what does the word heresies mean?

A belief that rejects the orthodox doctrine of a religion.

What Aprils mean Easter?

All except the aprils without western and orthodox easter

What does the Russian Orthodox Church mean by 'black clergy'?

Monks that have taken vows.

What year did the Greek Orthodox Religion begin?

If by 'Greek Orthodox' you mean the Eastern Orthodox Faith (of which Greek Orthodoxy is a part) then it began in the year 33 AD. If you are referring to the Church of Greece, then it began in the year 1850. However, Orthodox Christianity existed in Greece since New Testament times (from St Paul's travels to Athens) and for most of its history, Greece came under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The name "Greek Orthodox" should not be used to describe the whole Eastern Orthodox Church. People who are Greek and Orthodox belong to the same Orthodox Christian Faith. There is no nationality in the Orthodox Church. It is open to people of all backgrounds, races and cultures.

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