What does osvaldo mean?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Q: What does osvaldo mean?
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What does the name osvaldo mean?

a mighty man of God!

What has the author Osvaldo Leite written?

Osvaldo Leite has written: 'Osvaldo Leite'

What has the author Jorge Osvaldo Batista written?

Jorge Osvaldo Batista has written: 'Osvaldo Magnasco'

What is the birth name of Osvaldo Ardiles?

Osvaldo Ardiles's birth name is Ardiles, Osvaldo Csar.

What is the birth name of Osvaldo Guidi?

Osvaldo Guidi's birth name is Osvaldo Oreste Guidi.

What is the birth name of Osvaldo Laport?

Osvaldo Laport's birth name is Rubens Osvaldo Udaquiola Laport.

What is the birth name of Osvaldo Reis?

Osvaldo Reis's birth name is Osvaldo Luciano dos Reis.

What is the birth name of Osvaldo Sabatini?

Osvaldo Sabatini's birth name is Osvaldo Anbal Sabatini Garofalo.

When did Osvaldo Pugliese die?

Osvaldo Pugliese died in 1995.

When was Osvaldo Pugliese born?

Osvaldo Pugliese was born in 1905.

When was Osvaldo Nieves born?

Osvaldo Nieves was born in 1980.

When did Osvaldo Bignami die?

Osvaldo Bignami died in 1936.