What does otoko mean?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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I think it means weird boy/male/guy.

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means guy/man/male

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Q: What does otoko mean?
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What does otoko mean in English?

Otoko means 'man'.

What does dragon men mean in Japanese?

龍の男 (ryuu no otoko)

When was Hasami Otoko created?

Hasami Otoko was created in 2005.

What is the duration of Hasami Otoko?

The duration of Hasami Otoko is 2.07 hours.

When was Yurei Otoko created?

Yurei Otoko was created on 1954-10-13.

When was Hataraku Otoko created?

Hataraku Otoko was created on 2006-11-22.

When was Densha Otoko created?

Densha Otoko was created on 2004-10-22.

When was Gozonji Azuma Otoko created?

Gozonji Azuma Otoko was created in 1939.

What is the duration of Densha Otoko film?

The duration of Densha Otoko - film - is 1.75 hours.

When was Densha Otoko - film - created?

Densha Otoko - film - was created on 2005-06-04.

When was Yūkyō Gonin Otoko created?

Yūkyō Gonin Otoko was created on 1958-01-15.

When did Densha Otoko - drama - end?

Densha Otoko - drama - ended on 2005-09-22.