What does pH mean in pool testing?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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pH measures the level of acidity or basicity in the water. Should be 7.2-7.8

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Q: What does pH mean in pool testing?
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What is the process for PH testing chemicals in my inground pool?

You would a pH testing kit from the pool supply company. If you get a meter you simply read it and then adjust the pool by adding the recommended chemicals until you have the proper pH. Using pH strips you match the color you get to a grid which shows what that color represents on the pH scale.

Can I buy a pH testing kit for my pool online?

Yes, you can by pH testing kits for pools online. Some of the best places are, and Leslie's Pool supply also carrying chemicals to balance the pH.

We just bought a new above ground pool and have it nearly ready to use. We still have to do the ph testing; what is the average reading we should be comfortable with?

The proper pH level is around 7.4 to 7.6 If the pH is reading, 8 to 14 that would mean the pool has a high pH level. But if you have a low ph reading then your chlorine will dissipate quickly. To keep the swimmers in your pool comfortable and to keep your pool equipment in good shape, it is vital that the ph reading is balanced.

Do most pool cleaning companies do ph testing?

Yes, it is common for the company cleaning your pool to also check the ph and help you with any corrections that need done to the chemicals.

What are some occupations that use pH testing?

a swimming pool professionalChemist, biologist, geologist, doctor

When pH testing a pool or spa, what do the colors on the test strip mean?

If your result is orange you are right where you need to be. If it turns yellow you will have to add chlorine to balance the pH levels out. Like I said though, orange is perfect and you will only have to check it twice a month.

How often should I test my pool water for pH and chlorine levels?

You should test your pool weekly at the very least and if there has been lots of rain or after a pool party. Liquid testing kits, strip testers, and digital testing kits are the main ways to test your pool water. You should test for total and free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, calcium hardness, phosphates, copper, and salt if you have a saltwater pool.

Where can I purchase ph testing strips and other pool supplies online?

There are many places to buy ph testing strips. One of the fastest and easiest way is to purchase them from If you look further online you can find even cheaper than Amazon, but that takes time. You can purchase ph testing strips and other pool supplies online at Another good website is

What pool accessories are needed most when trying to maintain an inground pool?

The most important accessories for keeping a pool clean are a moving filter, a net for scooping out debris, and a ph testing system. These are the basics to maintain a healthy pool.

Lower PH in pool with household products?

You lower the Ph by using Muriatic acid VERY carefully. This acid and it's vapour is dangerous. With the pool pump ON, carefully add 1/4 gallon at a time, waiting 6 hours then testing.

how to test hte water from swimming pool?

You can purchase testing strips which will indicate your pool water's levels of chlorine, pH and so on. With this information, you can determine which chemicals you need to add, and in what amounts. Visit a pool supply store to get the supplies.

Why is the pH in my pool always high?

High chlorine levels will make the pH in your pool high. You can add borates to help stabilize the pH level in your pool.