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What does para mostrar means?

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Para mostrar mean to show, to exhibit, or to sample.

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Para mostrar que usted quiere quedese legitimo siempre?

" Para mostrar que usted quiere quedese legitimo siempre " means that1.To show that you always want to stay legitimate.2.To show that he/she always want to stay legitimateMostrar means show, indicateQuedarse means stay,remain, stick around

Nombre para mostrar?

display name

Tiene una nueva imagen para mostrar?

it (or he or she) has a new image to show.

What does para means?

Para means for

What does para ti mean?

When translated from Spanish to English, the meaning of para it is for you. Para means for while it means you.

How do you spell to show in spanish?


What does para mi mean in English?

PARA MI... in English means "to my... / for my ..."PARA MÍ ------ for me.

The suffix-PARA means?

Para is a prefix, not a suffix. It means to be near, beside, or included with.

What does the prefix para mean?

the prefix para- means beyond like paranormal means beyond normal

What does paz para mean in spanish?

"Paz para" means "peace".

What is 'para' when translated from French to English?

Para in French means "airborne infantryman" in English.

How do you use para in spanish?

Para can have several meanings. The verb "para" can mean to stop when issued as a command. Most often, however, para is a preposition. It can mean "by": para mañana means "by tomorrow." It can mean "for": El libro es para tí means "The book's for you." It can mean in order to: Fuí para ver La Casa Blanca means "I went (in order) to see the White House."

What does Para tu mean?

Well para probably means "for" and tú means "you" but you should say "para tí" unless you missed the last word and it's "para tu madre" which would mean "for your mother."

What does the greek prefix para mean?

the greek prefix para means beyond

What does para si mean?

It means: for if

What does tu para mean?

It means "You for"

What does para tu amiga mean?

"Para tu amiga" means "for your friend (who is a girl)"

What does To-do para usted mean?

"Todo para usted" is Spanish and it means "all for you."

What means many para or poly?

Poly means many.

What does clique para reiniciar means?

It means the frogs will get rearranged :)

What does para que clase mean in English?

it means " For what class" Para= For, Que= What , Clase= Class.

What does solo para saber mean in English?

solo para saber means just to know. :)

What does para come para trabajo maniana mean in spanish?

it means 'to eat for work tomorrow'

What does sonrisas para ti mean?

sonrisas para ti is written in spanish. sonrisas=smiles para ti=for you. so it means: smiles for you.

How do you say failure to display in Spanish?

Translation: Incapaz de mostrar.

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