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parcel means something wrapped or packaged and parts of speech are noun,pronoun,adjective,conjunction,interjection,adverb and preposition

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Q: What does parcel mean and what is the part of speech?
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What part of speech is parcel?


What part of speech is digested?

What exactly do you mean? Do you mean like "What is the fancy part of speech word that describes the process of digestion?"

Give an sentence of Part and parcel?

Meaning : integral part of something Sentence : Hard work is a part and parcel of success. (Kannu)

What part of speech is the word mean acting as mean?


What is the origin of the idiom Part and parcel and what does it mean?

The origin is Latin, from the practice of law as it applies to Real Property, e.g. Real Estate, Land deals.A parcel is any part or portion of land. Often in US law, lawyers and Courts made and make redundant statements that mean basically the same thing, but as different wording that could be used to argue against a Deed transfer or legality of ownership. So, by expressly saying "part and parcel", no one could try to later refute the sale or gift transfer on the basis of the land itself by splitting the meaning of "part" and "parcel". (They might use a different argument, but not one about "part" of that land.)Part and parcel, as an idiom, means "it is all part of the same thing", typically land, or whatever that 'thing' is when used as an idiom.Examples:A lot of walking is part and parcel of the occupation of nursing.Part and parcel to hosting community parades is the control of traffic and pedestrian safety.Buying your own uniform, shoes, hair nets, and gloves was part and parcel of working for the ABC Diner.Having to register a written deed and paying land taxes are both part and parcel of the privilege of land ownership.

What art of speech is the word the?

Assuming you mean PART of speech (not ART), "or" is a conjunction.

What is the speech of the word cellular?

If you mean "What part of speech is the word cellular?", it is an adjective.

What art of speech is the word or?

Assuming you mean PART of speech (not ART), "or" is a conjunction.

What does 'as useful as' mean?

as useful as " is conduction or what part of speech it is?

What part of speech is mean?

adjective, noun, verb

What is the part of speech for ingenious?

Ingenious mean smart

What part of speech is negotiate?

If you mean 'negotiate, it is a verb