What does pasties mean?

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Pasties are basically nipple covers. They are 'pasted' on to the breast over the nipple with an adhesive therefore showing the whole breast minus the nipple.

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Who eats pasties?

The people from Cornwall east pasties. Otherwise known as the Cornish.

What has a cornish pasties got inside it?

Cornish pasties (rhymes with "nasties") usually contain beef, potatoes, onions and turnips. Many other combinations of different meats and vegetables can be used to make pasties.

What are different shapes of pasties?

Pasties can be made in almost any shape. They are most common in round, heart and star shapes

Where do pasties originate from?

cornwall england

What band was Jessie J in?

She was in a band called "The Cornish Pasties" with her two sisters! They named them selves "The Cornish Pasties" because of their surname being Cornish :)

What do jam pasties taste like?

Jam pasties are a sweet alternative to a cheese and onion pastie. thay taste quite nice, that is if the jam issnt green.

Do you love pasties?

NAW! dey is rank, blud! :(

What foods are devonshire?

Cream teas, pasties, ales....

What is the difference between pasties and a pasty?

Pasties are patches that women put over their nipples to cover them and they are also attached with adhesive, and pasty is a baked pastry in form of a calzone.

What fillings can you put in a cornish pasty?

Cornish pasties are made with meat and vegetable fillings. Traditional pasties contain beef, pork or mutton with potatoes, turnips and other vegetables. Some pasties have a sweet "dessert" filling at one end to provide a sweet end to the meal. Contemporary pasty shops often make "Italian" pasties with sausage, marinara sauce and cheese, and other non-traditional fillings.

Who introduced cornish pasties?

Traditional pasties originate from Cornwall, England hence the name Cornish Pasties. Pasties were made for tin miners who could eat their lunches easily and efficiently while down in the mines. Traditional pasties are stuffed with beef, potatoes, swede (type of turnip) or rutabaga, and onions. The crust provided a sort of handle so the miners would not eat traces of arsenic that may have been on their hands from working in the tin mines. The crusts were discarded in the mines for the "knockers," whom some believed to be spirits in the mines that might lead them into danger.

What rhymes with pastries?

pasties christmas trees parties pumpkin seeds

What are famous foods in Cornwall?

cream teas,clotted cream,cornish pasties!!!!!!!

Why did hank hurricane carter leave george thorogood?

Did not like ginsters pasties

How do monkey adapt to life in the rainforest?

They like to because they like cornish pasties.

What are the release dates for Ink Master - 2012 Pasties and a Camel Toe 1-3?

Ink Master - 2012 Pasties and a Camel Toe 1-3 was released on: USA: 31 January 2012

Is there meat in pasties?

Pasties being plural for pasty is sometimes considered a meat pie. They originated from Cornwall, England over 900 years ago. Along with a variety of vegetables, meat (beef, fowl, fish) is the main ingredient.There are pasties that do not contain meat. In the northwest of England, for example, one of the best and tastiest types of pasty is made from potato and onion. They taste quite different to Cornish pasties. The pastry is different too. Another popular type of pasty is cheese and onion; again, those do not contain meat of any kind.

What is an example for shortcrust pastry?

* tarts (jam,treacle etc.) * cornish pasties * pies

What culture did pasties represent?

cornwall, from workers in the mines, also a type can be found in mexico,

Where did pasties originate?

Probably Cornwall, a county in south-west England, but it's still debated.

Where and when were cornish pasties first made?

The first Cornish pasty was made in Cornwall in about the 1800's.

You see pictures of Kim Novack in pasties on what movie is this from?

The Great Bank Robbery 1969

The saboteur can you tune off the blood on the game?

no you can turn nudity on and off (pasties) You can change difficulty

What were the pies that the miners in Tennessee carried called?

Pasties (pronounced Past-eez, not Paste-eez)

Who invented poppadoms?

it was the inventor of fish and cheese and onion pasties but I, jack stray gave him the idea