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Sexual frustration.

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Q: What does peeling off a label to a water bottle mean?
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A label on a bottle states it contains 53 percent sugar What does this mean?

It means that 53% of the bottle's content, by weight, is sugar.

What does it mean when a women hands a man a clean peel off label from a beer bottle?

It means whatever she wants it to mean.

What does tumlet mean?

Water Bottle

Can a water bottle be balanced on a toothpick?

It would depend on the size, shape, and weight of the water bottle, and whether you mean a glass or plastic container. Also, if you mean a 'hot water bottle', that uses different material and holds more or less weight depending on how full it is.

What does an upside down water bottle mean?

Renewal new beginnings

How can you check the age of a bottle of liquor?

If you mean the age of the liquor inside, it will say on the label. If it doesn't, assume the legal minimum for that type of liquor. If you mean the age since it was purchased, the best way is to compare label differences from various years. You'd have to go on-line for that.

Where can you purchase Natural Spring Water Super Chill H2O?

I think to get all natural water in a water bottle at Giant or another grocery store. Unless you mean water thats not in a bottle then in a creek.

What are the water droplets on the side of your water called?

i assume you mean a water bottle? If so it's called condensation.

What does it mean when a hedgehogs foot is peeling?

dry skin

What does friends peeling like calendars mean?


How do you get clean water for your daily use?

If you mean to boil veg in then from the kitchen tap? if you mean to drink then from a bottle.

Is distilled water the purest form of water in the earth?

do you mean 'distilled' water in theory or the bottled water with the words 'distilled water' on the bottle? if you mean the real 'distilled' water, then yes. If you mean the bottled water, then no because during processing impurities will be mixed into the water.