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to weigh

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Q: What does pend- as in pending mean?
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What does the prefix pend mean?

Pend means hang. ( pending,pendulum,pendant,impending,depend,pendulous,suspend)

Is there an abbreviation for the word 'pending'?

pend. The form is commonly used as a notice that a patent is pending: pat. pend.

What is the past tense of pend?

pend, pending, pended, pended Depending on the context, was pending, decided, determined, settled, closed

What word have the Greek root pend in them?

words that have the word pend are independence pending co-dependence interdependence

What does PAT PEND mean on vintage jewelry?

Patent and Pending is like a copyright. You cannot use/steal the name or idea as it has been protected.

Does pend mean one?

What does pend mean

What are words that start with pend?

Pendant pendragon pendris pending psychological evaluation

What does pat pend on sterling silver mean?

"Pat. Pend." on any product means Patent Pending, meaning that, at the time of production of the item in question, a filing was made to protect the intellectual property of the item's creator, in the creator's home country, at the appropriate office of record.

What does it mean when something has to pend?

When something has to 'pend' it means that something needs to be waited on. Pend can also mean to have to wait for something to clear or something to happen before the end result is accomplished.

What does pending in real estate mean?

What does option pending mean?

What does option pending mean in real estate?

What does option pending mean?

What is a pending arrest warrant mean?

The warrant is pending