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"pg" on a necklace, ring ect. stands for plated gold ; meaning the jewelry is not completely gold, its a different gold with 14k plated over it.


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RVL trademark by French Jewellery Company of Canada Limited in Downsview, Ontario

The 14 k stamp simply means it is a 14 karat gold electroplate and not plated 14 k thg.

That would mean 14 karat gold.

What does 14 k mc mean

K most usually stands for "thousand". 14 K would be 14,000.

It is a computer storage measurements. 14 kilabites.

BA probably is the name of the jeweler / artisan. While 14 K is the gold contents!

14 karat is the measurement of the gold's purity.

14 (K)arat (Y)ellow gold

The mass of a 10 kilogram necklace is 10,000 grams. Very heavy. If the questioner, intended 10 k to refer to value, they should have said what currency and what material the necklace was made of.

==> 3k+14=k ==>3k-k=-14 ==>2k=-14 ==>k=-7 ans...

this means that the metal is plated with 14 k gold

You have a 14 karat gold piece of jewelry made in Bristol.

It means it's 14 k gold

14 kt or 14 k refers to pureness of the gold or gold plating. Pure gold is 24 karat. There is nothing in your description that would help determine whether the necklace is 1 week old or 200 years old.

If it is a mark on jewelry, it means that the piece is 14 karat gold plated, not solid gold.

Yes, 14 K has more gold that 10 K

Carrie Underwood at CMA Music Festival wearing NL61 Sunflower necklace in silver and P20- Initial necklace by Charlene K

It means the ring is made of 14 k gold and Platinum! It does NOT mean it is plated....

k=thousand so 14 thousand or 14000

The CZ normally stands for Cubic Zirconia

zz is manufacture , 585 means its 14 k gold

If: k/14 + 9 = 13 Then: k = 56

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