What does phosphorus prevent?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Phosphorus prevents the penis from bleeding out, much like a vagina.

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Q: What does phosphorus prevent?
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What substance is stored in water to prevent it from reacting with air?


What can be done to prevent hyperparathyroidism?

Limiting intake of soft drinks can help to prevent hyperparathyroidism. Soda drinks contain high levels of phosphorus. High phosphorus intake can cause hypocalcemia that leads to secondary hyperparathyroidism.

Why phosphorus stored in water?

Phosporous is stored in water because it is very reactive non metal and when exposed to air it catches fire easily and ignites.To prevent contact with atmospheric oxygen it is stored in water.

What is the Latin name for phosphorus?

the latin name for phosphorus is phosphorus

Why is phosphorus named phosphorus?

phosphorus means "bringer of light".

Is phosphorus Ionic or convalent bond?

Phosphorus is a nonmetallic element so phosphorus-phosphorus bonds are covalent.

What is an element of the periodic table beginning with p?


Is phosphorus a mixture a compound or a element?

Phosphorus is an element.

Why phosphorus stored in water whereas sodium stored in kerosene?

Because phosphorus is very reactive non metal. It catches fire if exposed to air. To prevent the contact of phosphorus with atmospheric oxygen,it is stored in water. Whereas,sodium is very reactive. It reacts vigorously with oxygen and water. A lot of heat is generated in the reaction. It is, therefore,stored in kerosene

Which common allotropes are red and white?


What is the form of phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a solid. There are various forms, allotropes of phosphorus:-White phosphorus consisting of P4 molecules - most familiar formRed phosphorus with chain structureViolet phosphorus with a complex layer structureBlack phosphorus a metallic looking substance with a layer structure

What element has a molar mass of 30.974 g?