What is phosphorus standard?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Phosphorus standard is also known as black phosphorus. It has relatively few uses and is pretty cheap.

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Q: What is phosphorus standard?
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Phosphorus why some place denoted as P4?

Phosphorus forms individual P4 molecules. This is the standard form for white phosphorus.

What is the chemical formula of the element phosphorus at standard form?

The chemical symbol (not formula) of phosphorus is P.

Is phosphorus a solid liquid or gas in room temperature?

Solid.There are two allotopes of Phosphorus; Red Phosphorous and White Phosphorus, both are solids at room temperature under standard pressure.

Which allotropic form is considered the thermodynamic standard state of phosphorus?

Interestingly, white phosphorus, the most common allotrope of phosphorus, is defined as the standard state despite the fact that it is only metastable. For all the other solid elements, the "standard state" is defined as the most stable allotrope at 100 kPa. Red, violet, and black phosphorous are more stable, but far less common since they require special conditions to be produced and even being more stable are still very reactive. Note that red phosphorous might actually be considered just an intermediate phase between white and violet phosphorous rather than an allotrope, and consequently most of its properties vary considerably.

Is phosphorus a solid liquid or gas?

Phosphorus can exist in any of these three forms, but is a waxy solid at standard conditions.Some Additional Information:White phosphorus is solid at temperatures below 44.2° C,gas at temperatures above 280.5° C, and liquid in between.

What is the Latin name for phosphorus?

the latin name for phosphorus is phosphorus

Why is phosphorus named phosphorus?

phosphorus means "bringer of light".

Is phosphorus Ionic or convalent bond?

Phosphorus is a nonmetallic element so phosphorus-phosphorus bonds are covalent.

Is phosphorus a mixture a compound or a element?

Phosphorus is an element.

What is an element of the periodic table beginning with p?


Which common allotropes are red and white?


What is the form of phosphorus?

Phosphorus is a solid. There are various forms, allotropes of phosphorus:-White phosphorus consisting of P4 molecules - most familiar formRed phosphorus with chain structureViolet phosphorus with a complex layer structureBlack phosphorus a metallic looking substance with a layer structure