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What does platinum look like?

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It is like silver and gold but it is harder and thicker but is still a silver colour!

2010-01-26 19:17:27
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What do the new Pokemon on platinum look like and What does mew 3 look like?

there are no new Pokemon in platinum exept origin giratina and shaymin skyform

What does the colour platinum look like?

Like a silverish color

What does ruthenium look like?

Ruthenium has a distinctive grayish Platinum look.

What does a correct bohr model of platinum look like?

The electron configuration of platinum is: [Xe]4f145d91.

How does platinum look like?

It is a kind of dark and dull silver

What does buck look like in the fight area in platinum?

She looks like her original self

What does platinum atom look like?

it has seventy electrons and a lot of shells

How could you tell the difference between sterling silver and platinum?

One way to tell the difference between sterling silver and platinum is to look closely at the color. Sterling silver will have a grayish look to it, while platinum will look like it is almost white.

What will Tori look like in Tori Goes Platinum?

She will look like a diva and a rock star. She will have a lot of different hair styles and clothes.

Does rhodium look like platinum?

No Rhodium is whiter and has a mirror like shine.Platinum is grey and dull looking.

Where do you go to get out of the Sinnoh region in Pokemon platinum?

In Platinum, you stay in Sinnoh at all times. Games like Heartgold would be ones to look for

How do you get TM Mean look in Pokemon Platinum?

Mean look is not a TM move in Pokemon Platinum.

Can a gold plated bracelet be turned into a sterling silver like look?

You can electroplate it with rhodium, platinum

Is there an action replay to make youre self look like Giratina in Pokemon platinum?

NO theres not!!

What does the new Pokemon look like in platinum?

it has 3 stingers coming out of each sides and its head is shape like a crown.

What does the element platinum look like?

Refined and polished, it is indistinguishable from silver, at least upon casual inspection.

Where can one find diamond and platinum rings for sale?

There are many places where one can find diamond and platinum rings for sale. Some of the best places to look for diamond and platinum rings would be places like Amazon or Jared.

What is the code for making it look like you caught all the Pokemon but you really didn't in Pokemon platinum us?

there is no code for it !

Why does action replay work for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but not Pokemon platinum?

action replay does not work for platinum because platinum came out a long time after action replay but there is another version coming out go to if you would like to have a look.

What does gold smell like?

It smells like platinum, only differentokay, then what does platinum smell like?

Where do you find mean look on Pokemon platinum?

Physically, you ask for the impossible. Mean Look is not a TM. It can be learned by Pokemon like Zubat, Duskull, Umbreon, and other Pokemon.

How do you get a mean look in Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get a TM for mean look, but you can teach it to a Pokemon like gastly, haunter,gengar, zubat, golbat, and crobat. Hope this helps :)

How many korn records were certified double platinum?

U.S. multi-platinum record for koRn: "Korn" - 2x Platinum "Life Is Peachy" - 2x Platinum "Follow The Leader" - 5x Platinum "Issues" - 3x Platinum ("Untouchables" and "Take a Look..." are both Platinum)

What is platinum plated sterling silver?

Platinum plated sterling silver is sterling silver, but it has a thin coating of platinum over the top. Platinum does not tarnish and the piece will keep the silver look.

Can you get the villa in Pokemon diamond like platinum?

unfortunately not,its a platinum exclusive.