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The phrase "please be guided accordingly" is commonly used to request or suggest that the recipient of a message or directive should follow or take into account the information or instructions provided.

It is a polite way of indicating that the person should use the information given as a guide or reference in their actions or decision-making.

When someone uses the phrase "please be guided accordingly," they are essentially asking the recipient to consider the information provided and to act in accordance with it. It implies that the information or instructions given are important and should be taken seriously.

For example, if you receive an email from your supervisor with instructions on how to proceed with a project, they may conclude the message by saying, "Please review the attached document and be guided accordingly."

This means that you should carefully read and understand the document and follow the instructions outlined within it when carrying out your tasks related to the project.

In essence, "please be guided accordingly" serves as a polite reminder or request for the recipient to pay attention to the information provided and to use it as a guiding principle in their actions or decision-making.

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Q: What does please be guided accordingly phrase means?
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